An Evening with Castle

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I love Castle. If it wasn't clear before, it should be now. [And I babble a lot. Especially about stuff I'm really into.]

The last Castle-related thing I've experienced was totally unexpected. This time around, I had about a week to prepare. The Paley Center for Media at Beverly Drive included Castle to their lineup of shows to feature this year. Right up there with Lost and Glee. :-) [I love Glee, yes. But I think I can wait until April for the new episodes.]

My "Evening" started with three train rides and a bus ride. Silly me, I could've waited 6 more minutes for the Purple Line straight to Wilshire/Western from Union Station but the Red Line was about to close its doors when I got on the platform. Thus, THREE train rides. Anyway, I got to Paley in one piece. Metro might be a pain in the ass sometimes but it gets the job done.

I am fairly new to the CastleTV forums but it is awesome that I got along with them so well. [Shout out to Cheryl, Sheryll, Stephanie, Shelly, Abby, and Maggie!] A couple of people were in line since 7AM. There were also fans who came from out of state, even as far as Australia! Now, that is dedication. [I live in LA and I was about a half-an-hour late from the agreed time, haha shame. Damn you, Metro.] We got in at around 6-ish.

I've never been inside the Paley Center before. I've heard about it, thanks to True Blood. Anyway, the convention area itself was very intimate. Room tickets were sold out, I believe. [The Paley people confirmed it later that tickets sold out in roughly 12 minutes.] I was at the fifth row with a speaker right by my feet which made for very easy audio recording but yeah, I stayed a good girl and didn't bootleg. HAHA. While we were waiting for it to start, Castle writer Jose Molina came by to say 'hi'.

Before the event proper, we were told that they were not going to have an autograph signing session before or after the panel because the cast still had more things to shoot and/or needed to take a break. It was okay, really, but I still brought my "Heat Wave" book with me. You'll never know. When Mr. Molina came by, we had some of our stuff signed. :)

The night officially kicked off with Hollywood Squares and DWTS host Tom Bergeron introducing the creator of Castle, Andrew Marlowe. And he said, he had a treat for the audience. It was an advanced screening of "Tick, Tick, Tick...", one-half of the special two-parter story to be aired this Monday. Mr. Marlowe said they were still in the process of mixing the episode so the final cut might sound or appear different. But whatever, the episode was AWESOME. It had a lot of laughs, science, suspense, a bit of jealousy... and of course, a big kaboom! Remember my Downtown LA post? There was this one scene during the episode where I was so sure was shot there. (And a Metro Gold Line bus was visible in the background. Can't hide them all. LOL.) I cannot wait to watch it again. But that meant it's going to be a loooong two weeks until "...Boom".

While we were watching the episode, the Paley crew brought out two extra chairs. When the lineup was released, Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas were not there. On Twitter, Jon said that they had a scene to shoot that night but will try to make it if they finish early. I would've wanted Seamus and Jon to be there (you all know I love me my Espera/Esposito/Huertas whatever lmao). So you can imagine how absolutely stoked I was when the first one to be introduced was Jon! That meant Seamus made it too! That alone completed my day. =)

Seriously guys, can you get a cast more attractive that this?

I think not. ;-) Molly Quinn is adorable. Tamala Jones and Susan Sullivan, gorgeousness. Ruben Santiago-Hudson, it's not everyday you share breathing space with a Tony Award-winner. And [info]masheek2... you're right. Seamus... yes, yes indeed. Nathan Fillion really is ruggedly handsome, I shall say it again. And Stana Katic, ah yes. Yes, yes, and yes.

I won't go much into what was talked about during the panel. You have official media people and @PaleyCenter tweets for that. I'll just talk about my favorite parts then. *switches to bullet mode*

  • "Who is most like their character?" -- All of them said Nathan. Molly said that "Nathan is so much like Castle in real life. Susan is classier." And Susan agreed. I agreed too! Jon said Seamus is a lot like Ryan. And so it began... ;)
  • Jon was asked about the relationship between Esposito and Ryan. He said that he likes Seamus better than Esposito likes Ryan. Seamus seconds that by saying that they are close on- and off-screen he'll be helping Jon install his floors next week. Tom Bergeron told them to get a room! LMAO.
  • "There's nothing sexier than swordplay." - Stana Katic. That is all.
  • I love Susan's audition story! Martha is an awesome lady.
  • And I also love how Nathan said that everybody takes part in the creation of the story. My favorite episode so far, "Vampire Weekend" -- which I am half-sure will get an audio commentary -- was mentioned. Nathan dressed as Mal, Seamus as his General Hospital character, and Jon's nod to Generation Kill. [There is a video of that bit on Youtube and take a guess on who whoop'd at the mention of GK. Fuck it, I'm a dork and I cannot love that show too much. LMAO.]
  • Andrew Marlowe said there will be an episode that is Esposito-centric. And I read somewhere that Esposito has a military background. Ooh-fucking-rah.
  • TWITTER! Molly and her first tweet. This would've NEVER happened without Twitter.
  • Molly getting all emotional when she talked about Alexis and Castle's relationship and how similar it is to real life. I love that little hand kiss thing they did.
  • Beckett's "Shut uuuup!" adlib. An extra piece when Tamala and Stana thought the camera stopped rolling.
  • Ryan has Jenny; Castle has Beckett. How about Esposito?
I've read reactions saying that Stana seemed a bit standoff-ish and distant during the panel. To her defense, I thought she was tired. She looked exhausted. I bet they came straight to Paley after shooting on set/location. It was a long day. Stana and Nathan were joking and being playful -- as what Beckett and Castle would be. I think it is a bit overwhelming and humbling at the same time for them to see and feel the support from everyone who attended that night.

Anyway, that thing about not having an autograph session? Lies. All of them (well, minus Susan Sullivan) stayed after the panel to sign autographs and pose for photos. What made my day/night/week/month was when Jon remembered who I was. Shallow, it might seem but hey, I'm a huge fan and I mean it. I'll probably react the same way if ever I meet other Generation Kill boys. We chatted a wee bit and he mentioned that he will be directing something this May. Definitely will be watching out for that!

Oh Seamus, you so cute! I got a photo with an Irishman a day before St. Paddy's! LOL, I'm such a dork. I wanted to take a photo with both Jon and Seamus but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Maybe next time, no? XD

Chatted a little bit with Molly too. Us lefties should stick together versus our enemy the Sharpie! HAHA. Stana was the last to leave the stage. How can she be standoff-ish if she was the last one to leave? She signed everyone's stuff! She even asked us to whom to dedicate it to. So very nice of her!

Anyway, I had them sign the inner side of Heat Wave's dust jacket. [Seamus thought it was clever, so there!] I'm not a fan of dust covers so I'm glad this one was useful haha. The ink dries instantly, the autographs are protected (because they face in instead of out, exposed to elements), and I can still read the book (I usually don't use an item once it's autographed. Thus, my multiple copies of CDs and magazines).

After Paley, we had dinner at a nearby Cheesecake Factory. I had my per usual tiramisu cake (I almost forgot how good their cosmopolitan is). I caught a ride home and a few laughs in the car with Abby (thank you so very much). And thus, my Castle evening ended. Final count of photos is 101, blurry and crappy shots and all. I was planning to just pick which ones to post but meah, I eventually shared them all.

To sum up the whole night: AWESOME. The advanced screening of the new episode, the whole cast being there, autograph session... *sigh* Let's do that again! ;-)