Bucket List

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We all have bucket lists, right?  A list of stuff we want to do before we die.  I certainly do.  And it's constantly changing -- adding and crossing out some.  It's fun!  And I feel more accomplished than I really am haha.

So here's my list.

  1. Attend an opening night.
  2. Attend a closing night.
  3. Attend a red carpet movie premiere.
  4. Watch the American Idol tour. (Season 8.)
  5. Watch a show on Broadway (NYC).
  6. Watch a show Off-Broadway. 
  7. Watch a Hollywood Bowl concert.
  8. Attend a musical/play reading. (Volleygirls, New World Stages, NYC.)
  9. Meet a Tony Award-winner.
  10. Eat at an Iron Chef's restaurant. (Mesa Grill and B&B Ristorante)
  11. Meet an Iron Chef.
  12. Meet a Top Chef. (Antonia Lofaso and Jamie Lauren, Top Chef Tour 2011.)
  13. Eat at a Top Chef's restaurant.
  14. Sample something from a Top Chef.
  15. Sample something from an Iron Chef.
  16. Get something from a food truck featured on The Great Food Truck Race. 
  17. Eat ramen in Japan.
  18. Eat kimchi in Korea.
  19. Visit North Korea.
  20. Go on location for a filming.
  21. Go to Paley Fest.
  22. Go to a late night show taping. 
  23. Witness a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. 
  24. Be in the audience for a reality talent show. 
  25. Attend an author appearance/reading event.
  26. Watch a professional tennis match.
  27. Meet Roger Federer.  Rafael Nadal.  Andy Roddick. 
  28. Be on TV.
  29. Be in the audience for a noon time variety show.
  30. Go on a cross-country road trip.  
  31. Ride the plane cross-country alone. 
  32. Ride AmTrack cross-country.
  33. SCUBA dive.
  34. Be involved in a car crash. (1 July 2011.)
  35. Be on a legit Broadway stage.
  36. Get extra piercings.
  37. Get a tattoo.
  38. Skydive.
  39. Bungee jump in New Zealand.
  40. Meet the Mythbusters.
  41. Be able to watch a Korean drama without subtitles.
  42. Go on The Da Vinci Code Tour.
  43. Go on the Lord of the Rings Tour. Or at least, go to Hobbiton.
  44. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  45. Go to Disneyland, CA.
  46. Go to Universal Studios Hollywood.
  47. Walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  48. Watch a movie at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
  49. Attend a film festival. 
  50. Learn how to ride a bike. Again.
  51. Eat pizza in Naples, Italy.
  52. Live in New York City.
  53. Go to the Vatican City.
  54. Write a book.
  55. Hike a volcano.
  56. Sing/perform in front of a large audience.
  57. Watch a stage show more than ten times.
  58. Put up a book blog.
  59. Go on a blind date.
  60. Earn a PhD.
  61. Play the guitar.
  62. Join a gym or a dance class.
  63. Spend 4th of July in Washington DC.
  64. Take up rifle/any type of gun marksmanship.
  65. Take up archery.
  66. Fly in a helicopter.
  67. Go on a cruise.
  68. Get a job in retail.  Don't ask.
  69. Get a job as a call center agent. 
  70. Visit the world's most beautiful libraries.  (I've been to... 3, I think?)
  71. Take my mom around New York City.
  72. Walk across a rope/hanging bridge.
  73. Witness a meteor shower.
  74. Survive a blizzard.
  75. Live in another country.
  76. Visit the pyramids of Giza
  77. Dive with sharks.  
  78. Go on a safari.
  79. Drive along Route 66. 
  80. Go to the Grand Canyon.
  81. Walk the Great Wall of China.
  82. Learn how to play the piano.
  83. Visit every state in the USA. 
  84. Watch a circus - big top ala Ringling Brothers.
  85. Get jury summons.
  86. Serve on a jury.
  87. Be a part of a flash mob.
  88. Study in an Ivy League university.
  89. Learn to crochet and/or knit.
  90. Crochet a Totoro doll.
  91. Watch Jeff Dunham live.
  92. Watch Terry Fator live.
  93. Be on Tumblr Radar. 
  94. Ride a camel.
  95. Ride an elephant.
  96. Watch a Barry Manilow concert live.
  97. Go to IMATS.
  98. Go to a KPop concert. 
  99. Participate in Dream Tour Korea.
  100. Meet Orlando Bloom.
  101. Meet Viggo Mortensen.
  102. Watch the US Open First Week matches before Roger Federer calls it quits.
  103. Go to Comikaze.
  104. Go to D23 Expo.
  105. Go to Anime Expo.
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