Eight Glasses of Water

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They say in Health class that it is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday.  Today, I think I drank at least 25 during the last five hours of work alone.  It was so hot, my heart was palpitating.  Even with our personal electric fans, it was so hot.  The wind was hot.  You can feel the heat seeping from the concrete.  I felt all icky.

Speaking of hot places, The Bourne Legacy are in theaters today.  And it's partly filmed in my beloved city... Manila, Philippines.  I think most people think of the Philippines as this exotic island paradise.  And it is, don't get me wrong.  But I prefer the dirty, noisy, and gritty concrete jungle.  City life is for me.  And having grown up in that hustle and bustle, I cannot wait to see those scenes in the movie.  Plus, Jeremy Renner.  Hello!

I remember how bitter I was when I found out that The Bourne Legacy will film in the Philippines and I wasn't there.  These were my exact words, "Imagine how many classes I'll skip just to see Renner!"  Dude, I was so bummed.  Little did I know that a few months after that, I will share breathing space with my man Jeremy at the world premiere of The Avengers.

My photo.  My man.

The product of standing and waiting for almost 6 hours (so I’ll be damned if any of you take this without credit). Jeremy Renner is one hot man.  MAN.  Not boy.  I remember seeing him in random movies but I always knew who he was.  I intended to watch North Country for Sean Bean but who else is in that movie?  Jeremy.  I'm telling y'all, I very rarely lose my shit but ask my brother, I totally lost all sense of sanity when I met Jeremy Renner.

In that very brief time he spent in front of me at the fan line, I managed to ask him how he liked the Philippines.  (Yes, I had fourth of a brain to form actual respectable and coherent questions.)  He said, "Oh I loved it.  Beautiful country.  Beautiful people."  Right there, my brain melted and all I could do was flail; all the while my finger was on the shutter button.

Can you tell I'm a fan?  If not, I am.  Jeremy Renner is officially in my special list of "Celebrities that render me speechless".


For Flashback Fridays, I'll bring you my favorite radio station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas... K-ROSE.

My brother and I played the heck out of this game.  Even after we finished the challenges, we still played it.  And every time we're near a radio, we turn it to K-ROSE automatically.  My favorite cuts are Three Cigarettes in the Ashtray (I actually have this memorized), Crazy (honest to goodness, one of my favorite country songs), and The Letter that Johnny Walker Read.  These songs and a couple others have a special place in my iPod.