Hot Summer

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Man, it is so hot, WTF?!  That song from f(x) called Hot Summer was a perfect soundtrack for today.  Don't get me wrong, the Philippines had insanely hot and humid conditions but dry heat is prickly and almost painful sometimes.

Can I just move to Winterfell? Where it snows even in the summer and they had amazing dresses and cloaks.  Speaking of that, I've caught up with A Game of Thrones.  What now?  What should I watch while waiting for the 3rd season?  I'm currently halfway through the 3rd book, A Storm of Swords, and there are a couple of situations in it that I want to see on screen.  Jon/Ygritte, anyone?  The canon scenes are hotter than any fan fiction I've ever read.  I hope Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are up for it because I know HBO is!  *wink*

I saw the new people joining the cast next season.  Jojen and Meera!  Yay!  They need these two to tell Bran's part of the story.  HODOR!  I think Bran is my favorite POV character in the 3rd book.  And surprisingly, Sansa too.  If they are splitting the book into 2 seasons, then season 4 should come right the hell now.  So many juicy things happening in the latter half of the book.

For now, I'll be drowning my troubles with audio commentaries of GoT Season 1 and Arya/Gendry fanfiction.