Silent Hill: Revelations 3D (2012)

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Sean Bean & Kit Harington together in the movie adaptation of my favorite Silent Hill game, SH3.

I don’t care if the graphics, even in this trailer, look cheap… I will watch the shit out of this. Ned Stark and Jon Snow fighting evil, and I’m not talking about The Others. Pyramid Head is getting pretty old, if not already, and I still believe that his every appearance is solely for fan service. The Heather looks so much like Michelle Williams and I appreciate that they made efforts to dress her the same way as game!Heather.

Also, notice that this is another “English/Australian actors doing horrible fake American accents” movie. XD  I'm sorry but it is what it is.  Not all actors can fake your boring everyday American accent.

Now, the question is: will I watch it in 3D?  I think that is the only way for me to enjoy this fully.  It's made in 3D so I'm assuming it'll look good in 3D.  BUT... I absolutely hate watching movies in 3D.  I think it is unnecessary and those stupid glasses are annoying.  The last movie I saw in 3D was The Amazing Spider-Man and half the time, I took my glasses off.  And 3D makes everything darker.  Would I like to watch Silent Hill in an even darker light?  I don't think so.  I might just take off my glasses and be that one idiot in the theater going 2D.  Whatever.  I know nothing.  ;-)