Birthday Pool Party

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It was so much fun yesterday!

My first birthday party in 17 years.  Hah!  It's so stressful to host but my friends are awesome and it was just so much fun.  And it makes me happy to see that they genuinely had a good time and enjoyed it.  Yeah, it sounds sentimental but I'm not really lucky with "real time" friends.  But I think I got lucky with these bunch of good people.

Sure it started late but that's what "Filipino time" is all about haha.  There was so much food!  I mean, we're still eating leftovers until today.  Two cakes even... and I'm not a cake eater!  I didn't get to blow candles; yeah, I defy tradition like that.  My mom's fruit salad was a hot seller, as well as her special egg rolls.  Aaah, I'm having fun just remembering it.  One of my co-workers had too much fun with the shamu floatie.  LMAO forever!

And I finally proved to them that I can play guitar.  Left-handed.  I wish we could've played longer but there is just so much going on.  I should practice some more, learn and memorize new songs and chords.  Learning all by yourself is slow but fun.

I really want to do it again, a pool party.  But a pool's upkeep is a hassle not to mention I live with other people.  My friends stayed until 2AM-ish so we can't really swing that on any random date.  But who knows?  :)

I turn 24 in a couple of hours.  Actually, if you base it on Philippine time, I'm already 24.  Whatever.  LOL.