LA >>>>>>>> MNL

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"Home" being my lovely home country, the Philippines.

And I'm leaving tomorrow!  I'll be staying there for roughly a month.  It's my first time going back in 3-4 years.  I am really looking forward to it, to eating the food, seeing the places and familiar faces again, especially my family. 

What I'm most excited about is the plane ride.  As you know, I love traveling and long journeys.  I can't sleep in transit so it'll be 15+ hours of either reading, watching a movie, or keeping track of our trip via GPS.  Yes, I'm a geek like that.  ^^,

Our stopover will be Japan.  \o/  I wish we could stay longer.  I would love to explore and an hour's stopover is not nearly enough to even breathe in the place.  And then, it'll be five more hours to Manila.  Aaaah, I'll be doing it GD-style... LA >>>>>>>>> MANILA!  XD 

Speaking of GD, my Day 2 concert post will most probably posted when I'm in the Philippines.  I didn't take that many pictures of that night but that was TOP's birthday celebration.  I have to post something.  And oh, Seungri bb joined twitter: @ForvictoRi.

I'm trying to not get ahead of myself.  I'm excited to see my family again.  Friends too... the little that I do have.  I'm most excited to spend time with my brother.  We can watch The Hobbit together!  That's like... one of the most important things to me.

I already compiled a sort of to-do list while I'm there.  Dunno how successful it'll be but here goes:
  • Eat KFC chicken + rice.  I have not eaten KFC in two years.
  • Eat Chicken McDo.  Walang ganito sa States!
  • Rodics.  'Nuff said.
  • TAHO.
  • Walk around UP.
  • Honest to goodness malling.  That's the one thing that I crave the most since coming to the US.  The malls here are nothing compared to the ones in the Philippines.
  • Look for BIGBANG albums.
  • Eat at Tokyo Tokyo.
  • Visit National Bookstore.  And like before, buy nothing over PHP100.
I do have a couple of friends that I plan to meet.  I'm pretty excited to reconnect with those people in HS whom I did get along with and a couple that I became good friends with after HS.  I'd like to believe that we've grown up now and we're different than when we were in our teens.  I hope.

So that's that. The next time I post here, I'll be in Manila.  Or Tokyo.  ;-)