The countdown begins.

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The days are flying by so fast and here we are with less than a week to go.  I'm tired of the heat but I'm not ready to let go of the other things.

I planned to go on a blogging spree since my previous post but the Internet decided to bug out for a few days.  Shame, PLDT myDSL.  I couldn't even tweet.  And mall wifi is slow at best.  But the good thing about that is I was forced to look for other modes of computerized entertainment.  I cracked open my laptop and plugged in my neglected external hard drive.  I brought Bravo 2 - that's its name - over with me to keep me company but we were out and about every single day that I rarely used it.  Those two-three days cut off from the Interwebs had me going through my films and shows and hooray for that.

Obviously, the Internet is back up.  Back to posting?  Eh.  I'm so very behind on things since the BIGBANG concert that I think I'll have to reorganize everything.  I'll get the 2nd concert night post over with as soon as possible.  Aish, that was TOP's birthday and then tomorrow it'll be Seungri's.  Also, so many fun things happened during this trip.  I've taken to Instagram to document some so that'll be easy to remember.  I brought my S3 with me and I've used it as a camera.  FOOD has been a huge part of this homecoming and that will be a special post on its own.  Friends and family, too.  Like I've said before, I did not venture out of Manila so don't expect pictures of mountains and beaches.  I'll show you one of traffic...

Lane?  What lane?

I'm excited for my next posts.  Especially the one on food!  XD  Eating is definitely more fun here in the Philippines.  I'll have a post on that and probably on on travel, on malls, difference between stuff in the US and its Philippine counterparts... also, expect a lot of lists and check lists.  I make lists in my sleep and it keeps me grounded.  More so if they are handwritten.  ;-)

I'm also excited to share a new chapter in my makeup book... Etude House!  I admit, 2NE1's Sandara Park attracted me to the brand initially but after testing out some of their stuff, I'm a true fan. 

What else?  Hmm... that's it for now.  I'll be catching up on everything once I go back stateside.  My book blog will undergo some tweaking and updates by next year and I will try to be more interactive and... well, active in the blogging world in general.

See you next time!

PS: This is my 100th post.  \o/