Word of the Day: IPSEITY

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Ipseity, /ip-see-ity/ is an old English word meaning expression of one's own individuality.

I came across this word at work while I was looking up some contacts for my boss.  It is the name of an Oregon-based clothing company.  I was intrigued by the word so I decided to check out the site.


They have awesome looking dresses!  I love dresses and wish I have more of them.  And these are just so effortless, fluid, elegant, and sexy.  They also have something called "recycled sweater coats" that are just awesome.  I would like to get my hands on this one but unfortunately, it is way beyond my purchasing power.  Still pretty though.  The collections remind me of Rivendell of LOTR.  Ethereal.  

Ipseity is a lovely word.  Even that sounds ethereal.  Where are these words now?  Languages are beautiful. You might not realize it with the current lingo of today but it is so rich.  I know it's weird and/or awkward to use Ye Olde English now but can you imagine that?  :)

Try it!