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You just keep on taking my money, YG, as long as you take good care of BIGBANG.  It's so endearing to see how close they still are and the level of passion for their work is still the same as day one, if not more.  As a fan, it's my constant fear that they will lose interest in the band's sound or their relationships turn sour.  But as the years pass, they seem to strive harder in their respective crafts and be the same BIGBANG boys as those who flashed their tummies in La La La (TOP, though... heh). 

I may not agree with their fashion choices or antics all the time but when it comes to their music... group or solo, I'm in. 

(I wish I had more group pictures from the tour but I'm glad I have this one.  It's perfect.)

PS: Check out #BIGBANGWEEK on The One Shots!