I'm going to IMATS 2014!

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There's still time to scratch more stuff off my Bucket List before the year ends!

While is it technically next year, I just got my tickets for IMATS 2014!  I bought one for my mom also.  Just for one day, 18 January (Saturday).

I was in the area for last year's IMATS.  Yes, people... if you're going to be specific about it, IMATS LA is not in the City of Los Angeles.  It is in Pasadena, near the place where they hold the HOLLYWOOD Rounds of American Idol.  Uh, yeah.  Changes the way you hear, "I'm going to Hollywood!!!", doesn't it?

On Youtube, I see gurus and vloggers say that they're from so-and-so city/state/country and they record their journey from their hometown to the IMATS venue, squeeing upon their first glimpse of LA or palm trees or the Hollywood sign.  Er... if I were to do that, my journey would probably take an honest to goodness 5-20 minutes of unedited video.  Yes, I live THAT CLOSE to the Pasadena Convention Center.  So I might as well go, right?  :)

I mean, why not?  If these girls travel just to go and I live not too far away...

Last year, when I decided to go, they were sold out.  Not gonna happen this time around.  And my favorite beauty guru - EmilyNoel83 -  is coming so I want to meet her.  And sure, the discounts on makeup too.

I have no idea what to expect.  IMATS kicks off my 2014.  It's something new - and probably once in a lifetime lol - and I'm so excited!