I Am A Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook parent!

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Boy, what a mouthful.  Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook.  SGT4N.  Clever, if you think about it.  It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with Nook capabilities.  I will post a roughly full-ish review on my book blog soon.  I still have to play with it some more and use it for actual reading purposes.  But so far, as a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, it's fabulous!

There she is, fresh out of the box!  I bought it on the release day.  I didn't even know B&N was coming out with a new nook so when I saw this on my feed, I had to check it out.  Being a self-confessed "tablet addict", I just couldn't resist.  Mind you, I already have a Kindle Fire HD, an iPad 2, a Samsung S3, and the first generation nook (which now is officially my mother's).  And I've been dying to get my hands on a nook Color.  It's a good thing I forwent buying the iPad mini from Target for $199 and settled for this one, on a whim, for $179.

And after a four-tooth extraction, I needed something big to make myself feel better.  ;-)

Here she is dressed in her new owl friend:

I completed this case over the weekend and didn't sleep until I had the face on.  It's not perfect but I had a ton of fun doing it.  I'm getting into my crochet craze phase again, now that autumn is just around the corner.
Like I said, I still have to mess around with it some more and use it for reading.  The nook has been my first e-reader and while I'm currently using my Kindle Fire HD for reading (I'm almost done with The Strain), I'm glad I bought SGT4N.

The Tablet Addict.