My Best ELF Haul To Date!!!

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In the past, I've scored great deals when shopping at  $10 hauls, free shipping with $25 back... all those wonderful stuff that virtually give you your order for free.  I held on to my last $25 gift card for the perfect moment - mainly, another one of those awesome "buy $35 get $25 back" promos.  But during their anniversary celebration, a deal came up that I just cannot refuse.

It was the 50% off ALMOST everything sale.  All items that are $3 and up are 50% off and on top of that, spend $40 and get free shipping with no coupon.  Aaaaand, I have that $25 on standby.  My mind went into shopping overdrive.  It's been a while since I made an ELF purchase and something told me that it was the perfect time to do it!

Here's the class photo (and yes, that is my actual bedspread lol).  If I were to purchase this full price, the total would be $79.  But with everything except the zit zapper (I always include one with every purchase) being half-price plus my $25 gift card, my total savings come up to... $72.  According to my invoice, I incurred $3 sales tax bringing my grand total to... $18, out of pocket.

Not bad.  Not bad at the slightest bit.  XD

In this haul, I bought something for the eyes, lips, and face - as the company name suggests.  And a brush cleaner also.  I'm planning a swatch-fest for all these goodies but since I am 4 teeth less right now (thanks to a 4-in-1 wisdom teeth extraction procedure), my lips are currently out of the question.  For now, here's a closer look at the goodies per category:

The wonderful ELF Essential Smudge Pots.  I now have all but one.  I bought Back to Basics in a previous order, fell incredibly in love with it, so I decided to get the rest.  Except the white one, Pearls of Wisdom, I think it was.  (Yes, I LOVE the Outlander series.  I am currently on Voyager.)

I made a slight boo-boo.  I bought two Party Pink mineral lipsticks.  I love those lipsticks but at $5 a piece, it's a bit steep for an ELF item.  I jumped at the chance and got these colors on sale.  Also, the Studio Moisturizing Lipstick.  I think I have almost all of them as well, some of them are in the old packaging.  My last additions to my cart were those Glossy Glosses.  I bought a bunch of them during my red lips phase and eventually gave some away.  Now, I'm back with neutrals and pinks.

And the face products.  I love the warm bronzer so I bought a backup.  Like I said, I always include a zit zapper with every ELF purchase.  This little $1 wonder works!  I also picked up two more of the Pressed Mineral Blush.  One can never have too many blushes!  And yes, I caved and bought the HD Powder.  I originally wanted to get it in the corrective yellow but reviews said the original one is still the best.  We'll see.

Next question is... how am I ever going to top this haul?  ^^