Free pastries, esteemed lords, and... Justin Bieber?

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I am starting to notice that almost all my posts so far have something to do with food. This time, it's free food.

Last night, my mom and I had dinner at our local Corner Bakery Cafe.  I like that place a lot.  Nice ambiance, friendly staff, good food.  And it's one of the very few sit-downs in my "walking distance" area.  They close at 9PM and when you're still there around that time, say 15 minutes before closing, they'll offer you pastries on the house!

Cinnamon roll

I had this bad boy for breakfast today.  It was still good, being a day old and all.  I had cheese ravioli at Corner Bakery and my mom had grilled cheese and tomato basil soup.  I think I'll have the tomato basil soup in a bread bowl next time.  I loved it.  Of course, I'll drop in around closing time for the free bagels and whatnot.  ^^,

It was a rather Murphy's Law day at work today.  Someone was trying to hack my AIM so I changed the password.  Upon doing that, it stopped working all together.  So I uninstalled the old version and downloaded the new version.  It looked pretty but it didn't have emoticons.  Pfft.  I miss my SquareFaces.  I'll play with it more tomorrow and hopefully, I can customize it more.

Also, I'm getting more and more irritated by Google Translate English.  The nature of my job requires me to answer e-mails from all over the world, most of them are from non-English-speaking countries.  I should be used to it already but some messages are just too funny to take seriously.  At the risk of sounding like a complete elitist grammar nazi ass, I bring you these:
  • "I WANNA MY ITEM!  WHERE IS HE?"  (HE, I am assuming, should be IT.)
  • "Esteemed Lords, I cannot leave the qualifications."  (Esteemed lords.)
  • "I have received the glasses. TQ!"  (TQ is 'thank you', apparently.)
Oh there are so many.  It's pretty brain-melting.  I mean, I don't mind if you send me a message in Portuguese, Spanish, Cyrillic, Swedish... whatever.  I'll translate them myself.  Sure, it's pretty much the same thing, but I think it's not going to be as funny as this greeting me for every e-mail.  It's all in the perception, you know what I mean? 

Speaking of funny things:

Hailey Jane.  She's four and she has a message for all of you...

Lagot ka kay Justin Bieber!  Hindi bading si Justin Bieber!  alsjfjgfjgfkgsnal;sf;d

Oh boy, just imagine on this little girl's 18th birthday party, her mom shows everyone this video for the "memories" bit.  XD  Laughtrip!

So I guess "Baby" by Le Biebz is the song of the day.

Flying kisses,