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A king, realizing his incompetence, can either delegate or abdicate his duties. -- Marlene Dietrich.

Incompetence does not pick who to strike.  It can be a king, a leader... a boss. Especially in a work place, it is a hassle if you cannot rely on your co-worker(s).  A much bigger pain in the ass if it is your boss that is incompetent.

"Delegate his duties" aka "it should be his job but he passes it on to the first person he sees - usually the busiest - and then takes credit for it."  What's worse, he doesn't tell you how to do it or what exactly he wants.  You're left to figure it out for yourself.  Or he shows you how to do it really fast and expects you to be perfect at it on first try.  That's one example.  The other is far worse.

"Abdicate his duties" or "I don't know what the fuck to do, how to do it, or WHY I need to do it, I just have the money so, by default, I am better than you, therefore, you do as I say."  I'm usually the kind of person to do something first before complaining.  But I have to know the purpose of what I'm doing so that my energy won't go to waste.  It's hard to respect an authority figure when he shows a lack of knowledge and is just plain incompetent.  The way he speaks is dumb, the way he talks to people is condescending.  But even his employees see right through him.  No matter how loud and how fast he talks, he still looks stupid, and I have a hard time respecting him for that.

It is a hard place at work.  I truly enjoy the company of my co-workers and the perks working there give but the bosses are... -_-

Work is accomplished by those employees who have not yet reached their level of incompetence. -- Dr. Laurence J. Peter.