Friday the 13th, 2012

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Toni... with an "I"
I'm not much of a coffee drinker.  I'd drink it occasionally, sometimes iced or blended.  But I find myself frequenting Starbucks.  Or thinking about it more and more as of late.  For years, I order only two things from Starbucks: green tea frappuccino with no whip and chai tea latte with a shake of cinnamon.  I'm trying to expand my horizons.  Last week, I tried Mocha Light.  It was bitter as hell and I didn't like it.  As pictured above, I also tried the Orange Mango smoothie.  It was good but mine was surprisingly warm.  There was ice in it but the liquid I'm sipping is nowhere near cold.

I usually get my 'Bucks from the Union Station branch.  And I must say, I don't like it there.  The lady who does my drinks either does it too bitter.  I tried to tell her that when I went there the first time, that my green tea frappuccino was just too bitter hoping to exchange it, she just ignored me.  Eh.  I tried putting sugar in it but it was still too bitter.  I had to endure a venti of that slush.  And that Mocha Light drink.  No, thank you.  Now, the smoothie.  Warm.  But it tasted good.  I might get it again but I hope it'll beat the heat the next time.

Friday the 13th.

Who cares if it's considered unlucky, it's a FRIDAY!  Everybody's looking forward to the weekend... weekend.  I didn't get paid this week.  And this week had been hellish.  Not enough sleep, the heat and humidity were killers, and all I wanted to do as soon as I got home was sleep but I couldn't because I had tons to do.  In the end, I didn't get to do much apart from read.  And even that was done mostly on my commute.  The most unproductive week ever.

Here's to next week.  May it have a more forgiving weather, better tasting drinks, and an easier time at work.

And now for Flashback Fridays.  I bring you Voltes V.

Technically, this show is way beyond my time.  My mom and dad used to watch - and LOVED - this anime.  They reaired it when I was a kid and I used to watch it with them.  The opening theme never fails to make me happy.  (And yes, I know all the words to the standard opening and closing themes.)

I guess this is where my geek streak started.  And it was gladly encouraged by my parents, considering they started it all.  ^_^  I have all 40 "dubbed in English by Filipinos" episodes.  Yes, the original ones aired and ceased during the Marcos era in the Philippines.  My mom and I have watched a couple of episodes especially the last one because Marcos canceled the series before it concluded.

Anyway, that's just a peak at my geekery.  I'm telling you, this is not even half of it.