Random Finds: RiteAid

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I was at RiteAid earlier tonight because I was trying to take advantage of my discount points expiring that weekend.  I ended up buying some stuff but that is not what this post is about.  My local RiteAid is undergoing an overhaul and there were quite a few and totally random things at their Clearance section.

The most random of them all:

... what are these?

First of all... yes, I am indeed old enough to know what these are.  I've used quite a few myself in my earlier ventures into computers.  And I remember hating these things because towards the end of their "time", these did not have enough capacity to store even the shortest songs or smallest documents.

But do you know what these are?  LOL.  A bigger question is are there people who still use this?  I mean, are there computers today with a diskette drive?  And... 1.4 MB?  It'll take 3 of these to store 1 mp3.  Wow.

But wait... there's more!

And they had 15 boxes of it!  You get 150 diskettes for $15+tax! 

I had a flash disk smaller than the length of that box in my pocket that held all the episodes of The Borgias season 1 with space to spare.  Man, we've come a long way.