Filipino noms!

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If there is one thing that I can be proud of in being a Filipino, it's the cuisine.  I may not be the most nationalistic/patriotic of people but I will never turn down Filipino food.

One of my favorite Filipino restaurants, even back home in the Philippines, is Max's Chicken.  As the name implies, they are great fried chicken... the whole bird is deep fried or turbo broiled.  It smells heavenly the the juices are so good, it is tempting to sip it from the bottom of the plate.  Their other stuff are great too.

It's great that there's a Max's relatively near where I live.  And it's a treat to eat there from time to time.

Tapsilog = tapa (beef strips), sinangag (fried rice), itlog (egg)
I do like their chicken but if there is a tapsilog on the menu, I get that, no fail.  (Basically, I'd eat almost anything that comes with eggs but whatevs.)  This is probably my favorite dish ever.  And yes, this is pretty much breakfast food.  It is usually eaten at breakfast, available on most "before-11AM" menus at fast foods.  I'll just soak the beef strips in vinegar and I'm ready to go!

Buko Pandan
As for my favorite Filipino dessert, it is buko pandan, hands down.  Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and pinipig, I can eat just this for dinner.  This is another one of those "if it is in the menu..." items.

I feel rather proud to see other people eating and liking Filipino food.  I've spoken with people who like pancit (bihon being my preference) or lumpia (egg rolls) or the crowd-pleaser chicken adobo.  I think y'all should try it too!  :)

On the way to dinner, I saw this sign at the parking lot:

I definitely stared at it.
I cannot be sure if this is correct or not but... stair?  Shouldn't it be stairs or stairway, if you want to stay singular.  Enlighten me, dear English majors and grammar nazis alike.

Happy nomming and staring,