People at Work

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I got a very rare praise from one of my bosses today.  (I was tempted to type out "one of my betters" but I felt like I was insulting myself lmao, j/k!)  He asked me to do something that I had nothing to do with, not to mention it was a completely Administrative issue, and according to him, I did it "perfectly".  Heh, knowing how exaggerated they are, I didn't mind.  I didn't put much effort into it and I'm naturally slightly OCD when it comes to list-making.  They're lucky I was in the mood.

But it felt a bit good to hear appreciation from the boss.  They almost never do that.  More often than not, they take credit for the things we accomplish.  According to them, it's "their idea" even when we are the ones who figure out how to execute it.  It's twisted and frustrating but there's no use arguing with them.  Whatever, right?  Where's my raise?!

So that's my boss.  Frustrating as hell but since he's the boss, he gets a pass.  But a co-worker?

As I talked about before, the one thing I hate the most is incompetence.  It's irresponsible, insensitive, and unprofessional.  It's bad enough that we have a couple of incompetent people in the Administrative level but among the employees?  Man, we're shorthanded as it is.  Any help is a big help.  But what if one of those people in the office does abso-fcking-lutely nothing?  Well, nothing that would help our jobs along.  If anything, he slows it down all the more.  And he strolls in mega late as if he owns the place, commands to turn down the volume of our music just so he can take a personal phone call.  And this is ALL THE DAMN DAY.

Last one in, first one out.

Dafuq, right?

And considering that he's been with the company for almost 4 years, he doesn't know how to do shit.  And he thinks it's funny that it's so.  None of us are amused.  And just like our bosses, he talks so loud.  I've read that if you talk loudly, you're pretty much compensating for something... say, you don't have anything sensible to say so you talk out loud to make yourself seem smarter.  Eh.  We are not fooled.

Speaking of smart things to do, I put down The Bourne Legacy by Eric van Lustbader in favor of A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin.  Needless to say, I am obsessed with the A Song of Ice and Fire series.  That's A Game of Thrones for you fellow HBO nuts.  :)

Afternoon delight

Yeah, I know it's the TV tie-in cover but it was 20% off at Wal-Mart so I picked it up.  No worries.  Same book, different cover.  As with the first book, I am also audiobooking this while at work.  I can get through 10 chapters a day because of that.  So it seems that my reading list is set for the next months... there are 3 more books to be had (so far).

I still think Catelyn Stark is to blame for everything.  LOL.

And while we're in the topic of listening to stuff at work, here's my Music Monday pick: