Open letters

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Dear Guy Sitting in Front of me at the Blue Line train,

I don't need to hear your hideous music.  The train prohibits playing of loud music.  I have my own iPod (which, during that time, was dead) with my own music picks.  I am not a fan of your noise that passes for music.  And I'm sure not all people appreciate my iTunes playlist.  But that is what personal music players are for... for personal enjoyment.

Please turn your iPod's volume down.

No love,

Dear Sebastian Stan,

I want to cuddle you near my heart of hearts.  Why?  Because you are that adorable.  And cute.  And hot.  Adorable, cute, and hot.  Of course, we can't forget that you're so talented. 

That piano playing and guy kissing you did in the Pilot episode of the Hillary Clinton fanfiction-turned-TV show Political Animals had me curling up in my blanket and bawling like a baby over that perfection.

And the rest of your castmates are made of awesome too.  Sigourney Weaver is powerful.  That speech her character, Elaine Barrish, did gave me goosebumps.  I don't know what to feel about the show yet; it's half serious and half almost a parody but the performances are brilliant.  And you... I think your character is the heart of this show.  I am definitely looking forward for more.

Also, can we talk about this for a moment?

I may have whimpered pathetically when this popped up on my Facebook wall (thank you, Comic-Con).  When Bucky "died" in Captain America: The First Avenger, I was genuinely sad.  The relationship between Steve and Bucky is one of the my favorite things in the Marvel universe.  But then I heard around... people were talking about the possibility of Bucky surviving the fall because of the tests Hydra did to him while in captivity.  It's a maybe-maybe not thing but if they are going to subtitle the sequel "The Winter Soldier", they have to bring Bucky back.  I am excite.

Many loves,