Game of Thrones Thursday

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I knew from the first time I picked up the book that I'll be totally obsessed with A Song of Ice and Fire.  Specifically, A Game of Thrones.  I loved the book and I am absolutely all over the HBO TV series.  I may have watched the Pilot 10 times already!  It is definitely one of the most faithful adaptation in recent years.  And the cast is superb.  Damn, even the opening credits are sick!

However, I was not expecting how fast I'd become obsessed.  I started seeing look character lookalikes halfway through the first book.  I've made a good sized dent with the second book already.  Earlier today, I spotted a black bird pecking on the grass.  I have no idea if that is a crow or a raven but my immediate thought was "BRAN!"  Hehehe...

Spot a raven, pretend you're Bran Stark.  Hodor!

On the trains a little while later, a guy came in and I swear, he could pass as a Dothraki.  Dude, I remember reading a Daenerys chapter and then I looked up and he's right there.  O_o  I had to school my face not to laugh or stare.

And to top it off, here's my messy desk at work:

Oh Bran...

Yes, this is becoming an obsession.