Game of Thrones fanfiction

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It's a sign that I'm getting obsessed with something when I start looking up fan fiction about it.  The ship I'll be primarily searching for is telling... very telling.  In Thrones, there are a lot of cute ships, canon ships, and pairings that could work well together. The first one I looked up was Jon/Ygritte but as I progress with the 3rd book, A Storm of Swords, I realize that with this pairing, canon > ficverse.  I tried Sansa/Loras but it doesn't seem that popular.

For Thrones, my OTP is Arya/GendryNo Featherbed for Me by lit_chick08 is my favorite so far.  I swear, I spent a good FOUR HOURS reading this from chapter 1 to 10 (out of 12, not yet finished) in all its angsty goodness, and weeping.  Seven hells, man.  How often does one get teary-eyed, let alone sobbing, while reading a fic?  And I wasn't even imagining Maisie Williams and Joe Dempsie in the roles, just the idea of Arya and Gendry going through what's going on in the fic... I want those 2 remaining chapters now!

Speaking of Thrones, remember my Tully's Coffee post not too long ago?  Well, guess what's been sitting on the shelves of my local supermarket:

Riverrun Special

I wonder if this is what Lords Hoster and Edmure Tully drink.  Did Catelyn bring some of this up to Winterfell; Lysa to the Eyrie?  Haha, now I'm being ridiculous.

Also, I don't know what to make of this:

At the Clearance Section
Pinot Grigio in a Tetra Brik.  It's not even a bag-in-a-box'd wine.  And look, it's for 3 servings.  I mean... O_o  I don't like boxed wine as it is but individual serving boxes is just so... not right.  Eh, that's just me.

I'll just leave you with the first ever Ingrid Michaelson song I heard.  I love her so much.