Proof that my bag is 6lbs.

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FedEx scales don't lie

There you go.  We walk in heels, squeeze into clothing until we can't breathe, burn our hair, paint our skin, grow our nails long, and tote around heavy things.  I think females are the stronger sex.  ;-)

Honestly, I have no idea why my bag is this heavy.  It's just papers, my wallet (which is also heavy), makeup bag (I will get to this later), gum, candy, keys, granola bars, iPod... I think that's about it.  The material of the bag itself isn't that heavy.  I am really wondering how it came to this. 

Even my smaller bags are heavy:

1.12 lbs
My makeup bag, ladies and gentle-people.  What is in there is stuff for another blog post, methinks.  Unlike my with purse, I know what is in this little bag.  Like I said, some other time.

Work has been extra stressful lately.  This week has been such a pain.  My bosses are so frustratingly dumb and one can't help but wonder what they think of themselves, what they think of other people, and how they got this far in life.  The level of stupidity at my work place is exceeding my tolerance.

Even my fortune cookie for today sympathized with me: You deserve to have a good time after a hard day's work.  I hope.