naega jeil jal naga

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Let me start off with the song of the day, the title of which best describes my day at work.

This is I Am the Best by 2NE1.  "I am the best" is also a line favored by one of my supervisors.  The difference is that 2NE1 really is the best.  My boss is definitely not.

We, my co-workers and I, have given up caring.  He takes your efforts and makes it seem that it was his idea to make him look better than you.  None of my bosses are good for very little and those things they could do, they're nowhere near "the best".  And its frustrating not to get credit or the littlest of appreciation.  A couple of my bosses are so astronomically stupid, it's a mystery how they got to this part of life.  I cannot believe I work for such dimwits.

Audio booking like a boss.

Speaking of bosses and being the best, I've been audio booking A Song of Ice and Fire series like a boss.  While at work, I still keep up with my lovely Jon Snow thanks to audio books.  And this is how I keep up.  Notice I can get through 5+ chapters a day because of reading and listening.  Note that I only read during my commute to and from work.  I made good time with A Clash of Kings.  I'll get the 3rd one tomorrow.

By the way, my review of A Game of Thrones is up!  Finally.