My bag is at least 6lbs.

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I know.  I weighed it.  Last time I checked, it was 6.2lbs not counting the books I currently bring with me. Clash of Kings alone is 1.2lbs.  One my way home today, I bought A Storm of Swords and that is an extra pound or so.  I was carrying almost 10lbs (I had my lunch box and other items too) on my person.  Man, the walk from the train station to the house was painful.  And in this humidity?  Unforgiving.

What is it with women and their bags?  Personally, I can't survive on a small bag.  Even my makeup bag is rather big.  Then there are the random pieces of paper, receipts, Post-Its, notepads, pens, candy, gum, hair stuff, granola bars, movie tickets... I mean, my bag is heavier than when I was a newborn!

I remember something that a security person said at Florida's Cape Canaveral when he inspected my bag.  He hefted my purse over to his station and said, "Man, this is why females are the stronger sex."  I was on vacation but my bag had the whole house in it.  You'll never know when you'll need a mini tripod or 3 colors of lipstick.  I don't remember any of my purses, school bags, or any other bags being small and/or light.

Anyway, the 2012 Summer Olympics will start tomorrow and as official sponsor, Coca-Cola has special cans to celebrate the event.  Yes, a soda for a sporting event.

Tennis cans
Tennis.  It's like Wimbledon Part 2 because they're doing the event at SW19.  I hope it'll have the same result.  I know Roger Federer won the doubles gold with Stanislas Wawrinka last Olympics but it would be so nice for him to get a Singles gold.  And Olympic tennis is so intense and this is where the term "upset" rings true.  Players who usually meet during quarterfinals or finals meet on the first round.  This is them playing for their country and not just for themselves.  It's all so exciting!

Today's song of the day is from Spotify's front page.  I'm putting this here so I can remind myself to download this song: My Oh My by Tristan Prettyman.