Not a day goes by...

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... without a Game of Thrones reference.

My co-workers and I went out for drinks and billiards last night.  On the way there, I saw this:

We're in.. Riverrun?
The Tullys have a coffeehouse?  Suh-weet!  I would love to go there one of these days.

Green tea and Thai tea
We did have refreshments but at this hip Asian-y spot called... well, Spot Coffee in Koreatown.  I tried their green tea frappuccino.  It was good but not great.  The place was suited for just hanging out and taking it easy.  A lot of Asians were there, K-Pop playing loudly.  I think they also have free wifi so that's convenient.  I liked that place.  It's no Starbucks but if you're looking for a hip alternative, Spot Coffee is your spot.

One thing though... there's something peculiar in their menu:

How in the world that is considered a dessert, no one knows.  I'm half tempted to try just to see how they react to it.  LOL!

While in Koreatown, we had dinner at a Korean BBQ place called Moon Dae Po #2.  KBBQ for $10?  Yes, please.  They had great marinated pork (or was that beef?) and beef brisket.  I love going to Korean BBQs, cooking your own food and all you can eat meat.  Together with good friends, it's all you need to relieve the stress of a long work week.

And after that, we had drinks and billiards at Vermont Karaoke and Billiards.  I didn't play because I don't know how but I enjoyed some great strawberry soju.  Now, I have a personal shot limit of 9 but the drink was so light so I forgave myself for the 13 overall shots I had.  XD  Yeah, no lightweight here.  I have decided that I like flavored soju.  Very much.