Payday Friday

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It's Friday!  What's better than that?  It's Payday Friday!

I started off my day with cereal and mango juice.  I don't usually eat breakfast (that's bad... I know) but I was craving for sweet cereal this morning.

Yay for Trix Swirls!
(Dang.  Even in this close up photo, my desk looks messy.  Erm.)

I usually take milk with my cereal but with fruit flavored ones, I take them dry.  It's like chips.  Only healthier.  I think.  Whatever, I like it.  The mango juice wasn't half bad.  I'm not big on coffee but I am on juice and smoothies.  A smoothie for me can be a whole meal.

Speaking of smoothies...

Razzmatazz. Love it.
My walk home was made more bearable and less tiring by Jamba Juice's Razzmatazz.  I've tried everything in Jamba Juice's "permanent" menu and this is by far my favorite.  Sure, I'd order different things from time to time but Razzmatazz with an energy boost is my definite go-to smoothie.

Unlike past Fridays, I didn't go out with my co-workers after work today.  It was like, Monday-esque busy at work today, not to mention I had only 4 hours of solid sleep last night.  I had plans - mainly to sleep - and shows/films to watch and I haven't done any damage lately.  I come home from work tired and between dinner and cooling off, it only leaves me roughly 2 hours to do my own thing.  We did go out last Tuesday and a couple of us met up during the 4th so no love lost there. 

But it is payday so I wanted to have a bit of retail therapy.  I went to Walgreens and Rite Aid at 7th/Metro and the CVS at Fillmore.  (Yes, I am cheap LOL.)  And what do you know, I didn't pick up anything.  O_o  Fail, retail therapy.  FAIL.  I had good deals and coupons to use but nothing jumped at me.  Do I need more lipsticks or lip glosses?  No.  I'm pretty much content with my eyeshadows.  I do need a liquid foundation but I need more research on that.  I guess I should be happy that I didn't spend on anything I don't need.  Or anything at all.  Heh.