Some people are just so monumentally stupid.

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Sometimes I wonder how they've gotten this far in life.  You can hear the ka-ching of money from a mile away.  They say that if you have the money, you can do fuck all.  Yeah maybe, but it's not going to keep you from looking stupid in front of other people.  And in some cases... constantly, monumentally stupid.

I really want to write all about it but I keep a rather public online presence.  I am completely stalk-able on the web and I may have a profile in pretty much every "popular" social media network.  Anyone can find this blogpost and not everyone will be as amused by this.  It's just that... I cannot believe how these particular bunch of people can be so fcking dumb.  It's like they're living under a rock and every little thing is a thousand times awesome to them.  I can rile on and on and believe me, I have.  Yet, I don't know.  Some things are best kept off the interwebz.  Shame.  It would've made an interesting rant.


My lunch today was also my dinner.  Meaning I bought something for lunch, ate half of it, and ate the rest later in the day.  And guess what... it's breakfast food!  I got ham and cheese omelette from a Mexican diner near my place of work.  It has a very cheesy omelette, a good portion of hash browns, and 2 pieces of toast with grape jam.  Definitely breakfast food.  And it's pretty good.

I love breakfast food.  And eggs.  Oooh, I like egg anything.  ^^,

Also, I did a little haulin'.

All these for under $6

My Mini RiteAid Haul

My $3 UP Rewards for Wet n Wild was about to expire so I headed over to my local RiteAid to use it.  There wasn’t much to choose from and quite frankly, I didn’t want anything in particular so I just picked up something safe… lip products.  And a random NYC nail polish.

Products pictured:
  • Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss in This Too Shall Glass
  • Wet n Wild Mega Shield in Just Peachy
  • NYC in a New York Minute Sparkle Top Coat in Big City Dazzle
Item not pictured: Hershey’s Cookies & Creme bar.  I ate it on my walk home.

I already played with This Too Shall Glass and Just Peachy.  I picked both of those up as a tag team combo of sorts.  Yeah, it kind of defeats the purpose of a matte lipstick if you put gloss over it but whatever.  At first blush, I didn't really like it on me.  My nude shades are peach or pale/light pink (think MAC Angel and Snob).  These two together are sort of like "erase your lips" with juuuust a deeper color than my skin tone.  But as I look at it more, it's growing on me.  I might not wear this to work tomorrow yet but I know, eventually, I will.

I like to change lip colors everyday (or every other day) for work because I have amassed quite a collection and I really like playing around with lip products.  I'm slowly going into lip plumper territory and so far, I'm liking it.

(Okay, so I like this peachy combo now.  I might rock this over the weekend.)

Before I forget!  If it is not much of a trouble, kindly check out my drugstore makeup tumblr at Drugstore Baby.


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That sounds like a good breakfast fare indeed! Pretty keen to start my morning with that :)