Face(s) of the Day (20130216)

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I had a long day yesterday.  ㅠ.ㅠ

My 한국어 클래스 was a bit different.  We had a Skype session with my classmate who was on a business trip.  It was fun doing it that way.  But nothing beats being there in person.  It was awesome of her to arrange something like that.  I really admire that dedication to learn.  It was our penultimate meeting for the Beginner A sessions and I've signed up for the Beginner B classes.  You're not shaking me off that easily, oh dear language.  ㅋㅋㅋ! 

I wasn't having a good skin day yesterday though.  So when I got home, I immediately took off my makeup and I wanted to sleep.  But as I closed my eyes, my mom told me that we were going outlet shopping.  Like... right then and there!  Just when I took off my face for the day.  Aissshh....

The looks aren't that different.  I just changed the lip color.  On the right, I'm wearing Maybelline Vivids in Electric Orange.  On the right, Wet n Wild's Nouveau Pink.  Yes, the $0.99 one.  It's a bit washed out in the photo but in person, it's amazing.  I also got another color and it's also great.  Surely, not all shades in the dollar line are great.  A lot of them are frosty but these two that I got are blowing my socks off right now!  The oranges in the Vivids collection from Maybelline are awesome too.  It brightens up the face instantly and they make me happy.  LOL.

As for the rest of my face:
  • Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 23
  • L'Oreal True Match powder in N3
  • ELF baked blush in Rich Rose
  • WNW bronzer in Princess
  • WNW Silent Treatment trio
  • NYC Big Bold mascara
  • Physicians Formula black eyeliner for Nude Eyes
We then went to Camarillo Premium outlets and I got myself a few Spring sweaters.   I have a thing for sweaters.  Remember that cute panda sweater I was wearing some time ago?  Yeah, I got that from Papaya and yesterday, I got a cute little owl one.  Maybe you'll see it in an OOTD soon?  ^o^  Then I went to town at my favorite clothing store, Cotton On.  I stocked up on knit hats and ... notebooks.  What?  They were $1 to $3 with a 40% off on EVERYTHING.  I'll find use for them eventually.