Too beautiful... I had to put it as my lock screen image.

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Park Bom for Allure.

Alluring indeed.  Oh god, when I first saw this photo... oooh, Bommie!  Remember when Bom - specifically, Bom's legs - was my first official K-Pop bias?  I literally was staring at it for a good five minutes.  So flawless.  The other 2NE1 girls have other magazine specials also but Bom's is the one that struck me the most.  And then I put it as my lock screen.

So is this the start of the 2NE1 comeback us Blackjacks are waiting for?  I hope so.  I like it when they look pretty but I like their music more.  (But please, don't get me started on that designer guy CL is apparently very chummy with.  No, thank you.)

봄언니, 진짜 예쁘다!  2NE1 화이팅!

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