I think I'm sick....

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I stayed home from that hell hole I call "work" today.  I've had a fever all day yesterday, a migraine that afternoon.  I took some meds before going to bed.  But when I woke up, my right eyelid was swollen.  I'm officially allergic to every over-the-counter first aid cold/pain medication.  The one I took last night was the last one where I didn't have an allergic reaction.  But apparently, that is a fail.  The swelling calmed down at around 6PM today.  Well, at least that's one day away from administrative level stupidity and incompetence.

The title for this post is from my current obsession, Monster by Big Bang.

I've heard of Big Bang for years but I haven't really paid attention.  The first time that I did was during their duet with 2NE1 on the song Lollipop.  Then my co-worker began to play this suave Korean hip-hop song I'm Not Really Laughing by Leessang featuring ALI and TOP from Big Bang.  And TOP has the sexiest deep voice.  O_O  Yeah, I think I'm obsessed with that too.

I don't understand a word except for the English words but damn, look up the English translation to this song.  G-Dragon, you are a monster at songwriting.  This is fcking good stuff!  I'm just so in love with this music video, this song... <3