KBBQ fail.

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No work day again.  I wish it were like this all the time... a day off every week at least.  I'm getting to the point that I'm ready to go home before even getting to work.  Is it a sign that I need to move on?  Haysss...

I took advantage of today to renew my passport.  And since the Philippine Consulate is in the same building as my favorite Korean BBQ place, Bulgogi House, I wanted to finally treat her to KBBQ as well.  But it seemed that the universe is against me today.

We got to the consulate and man, isn't it the slowest service ever?  The people are so unfriendly, bordering on rude even.  And slow... as... hell.  Even the other people waiting were rude -- cutting in line, being so demanding.  Guh, and wtf are your wardrobe choices?  Some of the people there were like... *skin crawls*  Who told them that they looked good in something that went out of style in the late 70s?  Lady, you look like you're 45-50, at the very least.  Stop dressing up like you're 16.  White daisy dukes, white thigh-high boots, tank top that emphasizes your muffin top... look, I know you're probably showing off your tacky butt tattoo but please spare the rest of the world.  NOT.  ATTRACTIVE.  Ano bang iniisip ng mga Pinoy na ito?  Walang ka-class at wala ring taste.  Ugh.  [Yes, I'm hatin'.  LOL... whatever, Pinoy din ako noh.]

I know these government people are overworked and underpaid.  I know the feeling.  But damn, this is special kind of slow.  So you fill up forms online, show up at the consulate with the finished forms.  All you need to do is to have your photo taken and pay for it.  But no... you are basically forced to register for absentee voting.  You cannot say no.  WTF.  I have no intention of voting in any Philippine election.  No, thank you.  Filling up that form and waiting for my turn for processing was a waste of my time.  And you know what, the wait stretched on to almost 3 hours.  I was stuck there in the waiting area having no choice but to watch some gaudy and badly acted afternoon drama.  And this dude who's probably impersonating Flava Flav with his large round holographic pendant had the gall to cut in front of me.  Sir, you are not a big shot you think you are.  Go wait in line just like everyone else.

So I get my turn and the processing guy is just... oh man, not even engaging.  Okay, absentee voting.  You force my hand, watch your voter turnout falter.  But on the other hand, they can cheat easier that way.  Who's to know whether this overseas Pinoy actually voted or not.  Whatever.

Then finally we got to the photo area.  There are two guys processing everybody.  But they take at least 15 minutes per person.  Why?  Okay, these two are from some province and they speak some dialect.  It is some kind of coincidence that most of the applicants speak the same dialect.  Geez, I'm not bitching because I don't speak a dialect but please, you are wasting other people's time by exchanging gossip and whatnot for at least 15-20 minutes.  This shouldn't have taken more than 5 minutes.  Check the damn information, input it, take the photo, and that's it.  I could've done more productive things in the 4 hours I wasted waiting for my turn.

I thought that my saving grace would come in the form of KBBQ but no.... they're closed for today.  -________-  Buh-mer.  My mom and I ended up in Chinatown.  I even joked to her that we should eat at Little Tokyo instead since we started out our day at Koreatown and we'll be heading to Chinatown anyway for a bit of retail therapy.

Our go-to Chinese place is Won Kok in Chinatown.  It's not the prettiest place but damn, their food!  And it's cheap too. 

I managed to get my hands on a pirated copy of I Am Sam, a Korean drama.  T.O.P. is on that show, or shall I call him Choi Seung Hyun.  I love that he uses his real name in his acting even though the rest still call him T.O.P. of BIGBANG.  And man, this guy is a really good actor.  He's not trying hard and it's not over the top.  And I'm not just saying that because I like the guy.  He was great in his movie 19 with Seungri.  It's amusing to me that all the guys of BIGBANG are rather good actors.

I thought of also getting Secret Garden and IRIS, another show featuring TOP but I already have digital copies of both shows.  I Am Sam is a bit more difficult to locate so I just went ahead and got it.

I should also mention that the stall I got this from was playing BIGBANG songs.  My mom stopped and watched the MV for Baby Goodnight by GD&TOP and she said that the boys were prettier than the girls.  That, I agree.