September 2012 Favorites

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I figured I wouldn't add to this list until the end of the month so I might as well just post it.  Nothing much happened in hell - er... work - today apart from the usual asshole-ness of my supervisors.  But this space is going to be wasted if I talk about people who do not deserve the light of day so lets just get on with my monthly favorites.

1. G-Dragon - Eojjeoran Marinya (What Do You Want?)
The cutest song ever!  I was instantly hooked when I first heard this song.  It just goes to show what a GENIUS G-Dragon is when it comes to songwriting.  This is one of my favorites in the GD&TOP, Volume 1 album.

2. GD&TOP, Volume 1
I might have listened to this album more times than any other KPOP album this month.  I love these two in BIGBANG and their subunit is full of swag.  Two rappers in their element.  But it's not just that!  TOP has a very emotional ROCK SONG called Oh Mom.  He's another lyrical genius, in my opinion.  G-Dragon can write anything for all I care and it'll still sound cool.  Volume 2 now, please... (review coming up, I promise.)

3. French vanilla iced coffee from 7-11
Even back in the Philippines, 7-11 coffees are the best. This one I really like because it has just the right amount of sweetness. And it's dirt cheap!

4. Temple Run featuring Brave
It popped up as a free game of the week at the App Store and ever since it came out, I wanted to get it.  But as cheap as I am, I wasn't willing to shell out $1.99 for a Temple Run game.  I'm enjoying it a lot.  They added Brave-inspired features in it such as shooting arrows while running.  It plays just like Temple Run.

5. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
I read this inside of 2 days, I think.  Yes, it is considered a YA book, a genre which I really do not like.  But it's also tagged as "Fifty Shades of Grey for young adults".  What can I say... sex sells!  Now, I don't think that the above quote is an accurate description.  I still have to write an actual review on RGB (I took a month-long break but I'll be back in October) but what I can say is that I definitely recommend it.

6. B&N Nook Classic + WiFi
It's a rediscovered love.  It is a birthday gift from my mom about two years ago.  It's a life changer.  Although I still buy and prefer actual books, an e-reader is just so convenient.  Since getting my iPad 2, I had neglected Whatsername (that's its name) a bit.  But this past month, I learned to love it again.  That's where I read Beautiful Disaster and my next read, The Blood that Bounds.

7. Wet n Wild Bare-ly Legal lipstick
It gave me a perfect neutral lip that went so well with my skin tone.  At first, I didn't really like it on me.  But I think as the seasons change, I'm easing back into nudes and neutral lips again.  I still wear and love bold reds but this one really surprised me.

8. I Am the Best (2NE1) choreography
 I count this as one of those "best things ever"... er, things.  And I'm talking about the choreography for the intro and chorus.  Yes, I might be able to dance along to it if need be.  XD  Blame BIGBANG for this obsession.  They did a super fun male version with G-Dragon doing CL's parts, Seungri for Sandara, TOP for Bom, and Daesung being Minzy.  That, my friends, is the BEST cover version of this epic song.

9. Secret Garden
I would place the blame, once again, on BIGBANG.  Click on the link to know why.  Same goes for the link in the above entry.  My original obsession with Asian drama began with Meteor Garden, a Taiwanese version of the Japanese manga Boys Over Flowers.  Korea has a version of that too, in case you're wondering.  I remember how kilig I was while watching Meteor Garden.  As in I was literally bouncing on my seat swooning and melting!  It's the same with this show.  Are all K-Dramas like this?  Man, if so, I'm in trouble.  But no, Secret Garden is so golden!  Gil Raim and Kim Joowon... aaaah, I get the tingles just thinking about them.  ^^,  And BIGBANG did a fantastic job parodying it.

Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) x Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji-won)

Kim Joo Top (T.O.P.) x G-Raim (G-Dragon)

Read up on Secret Garden to know why they're like that in the photos.  And yes, G-Dragon is playing a girl.  Hee!