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It has not sunk in yet.  I'm still trying to process it.  Never mind the price tag of that damn ticket.  The important thing is I got one.  I. GOT. ONE.

However, it isn't a VIP ticket.  It is a plaza level seat which is not bad.  In fact, the more I process it, I think I'd be happier with that seat instead of a standing VIP general admission spot.  I'd actually have a seat (even though I doubt I'll use it as soon as the music starts) and it's elevated (I'm a shrimp).  What I wanted out of the VIP ticket is the swag:

  • VIP Early Entry into the venue
  • Exclusive access to the BIGBANG sound check party
  • Specially designed gift bag
  • Specially designed tour shirt
  • BIGBANG official light stick
  • BIGBANG sound check laminated VIP PASS
Any of those, I can probably purchase at the merch stand except for the early entry, sound check access, and VIP pass.  Eh, I'm somewhat content with my seat.

So what's the big deal?  (Apart from it being a BIGBANG concert and man, the price of the ticket is no joke.)

Big Bang Sells Out U.S. Concerts in 2 Hours

As expected, tickets for Big Bang’s upcoming US concerts completely sold out within two hours.
On September 22 (US Time), ticketing for Big Bang’s Still Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 opened up in California and New Jersey.
A grand total of 24,000 tickets were sold, with New Jersey’s Prudential Center and Los Angeles’ Honda Center each seating up to 12,000 people at once. The New Jersey concert will be held on November 3, and Los Angeles on November 9.

I didn't even buy it from my home computer.  I bought it on my iPad while eating breakfast at a Marina del Rey restaurant.  You can only imagine my anxiety!  As soon as it hit 10AM, I refreshed and opted for VIP tickets right away.  But... I don't know what happened but when 10:01AM came, all the VIP tickets were snatched up.  O___O  WTF, right?  I allowed myself to feel disappointed for 5 seconds before trying again, opting for the next best.

Not bad, huh?  And trust me, that "view" looks even closer in person.  I get tried by the seat rendering for the Nokia Theatre time and time again.  I end up getting surprised at how close my actual seat is to the action.  And if not, I have a camera with excellent zoom for a point-and-shoot.

As I said, I'm still trying to process everything.  It's a mixed emotion of being giddy, disappointed, content, and disbelief that I got a ticket.  And add to that the excitement of seeing my cousin again after 3 years!

She's my cousin and ninang (godmother), Dr. Laura T. David.  And I am damn proud of her.