It's Friday.

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I just had to survive today's work day.  It was same old-same old but ended with a rather nice surprise.  After finding out that we are not paid for the Monday-Tuesday no work day, our bosses decided to give us those two days anyway.  Not without mindless arguing.  But still, it's a good thing.  They may have a heart after all.

I don't get paid today; next week, I do.  But I already planned out my spending.  Since the announcement of the BigBang ticket sale tomorrow, I realized that if I score VIP tickets, that will take up most, if not all, my paycheck for this week.  With the extra two days, it leaves me extra for the new boots I'm eying!  Yays all over.

Speaking of the ticket sale, I have a problem.  The tickets will be released 10AM PST for the Los Angeles concert.  I am meeting my cousin at the airport at 8:30AM and we will most likely have breakfast.  Would LAX have free wifi?  Would the restaurant we'll go to have wifi also?  I might have to resort to ordering via an iPhone 3G... which will not be as fast as a home computer.  :"(  All the talk about tickets selling out in minutes and hours in Hong Kong and Indonesia... it's giving me major anxiety.  Nevermind getting VIP tickets.  What if I don't get a ticket at all?!  UNACCEPTABLE.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see my cousin so much!  I mean, it's been 3 years since we last saw each other.  And I am so immensely proud of her (she's the first female oceanographer in the Philippines and she, with her other colleagues, were summoned by NASA to present a study in Louisiana).  This whole ticket thing is just stressing me out.  It's not like with 2NE1 where I got my tickets two days before the show.  It did sell out, yeah.  But on the day of the show.  BigBang is a different level.

For flashback Friday, remember Baby All Gone?  I had one of those when I was younger.  My parents went on a trip to Hong Kong and when they got back, they got me a Baby All Gone.  I can remember the smell of the "strawberry jam".  I was afraid of sniffing it so much; I thought the scent would fade away.  Eventually it did but I think it was because of age instead of excessive sniffage.  I was also fascinated, in my very young mind, with the milk bottle.  Where does the milk go?  How does it fill up again?  ^^,

Growing up, I wasn't much into Barbies and other inanimate toys.  But I did love my Baby All Gone!