Birthday gift.

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Yes, yes... I know you're probably sick of these birthday posts. I'm just excited that this year turned out to be one of my best birthdays.  So many good things coming at me, happening all at the same time. 

As you know, I'm a Big Bang fan.  The level of fangirl-ness that I have with them is reminiscent of the way I was with F4.  Rivals it, even.  It was so sudden; it hit me unawares.  But it is not unwelcome.  Any distraction in my life right now is a friend.  I never was the biggest fan of KPOP outside of 2NE1 but damn, Big Bang is another level all together.  It's probably the first time where I love all the members, like all of the songs by the group and their side projects, and I truly embraced the language and cultural differences.  For the past two-three months, I have not listened to anything else but Big Bang and 2NE1.  (A stray show tune here and there but you get my point.) 

Now... at the 2NE1 concert, I found out that the Big Bang concert will be on November 3 at the Honda Center in Anaheim.  From that moment, I regularly checked the interwebs for ticket availability -- when are they going on sale?  How much would they be?  Everyday, that was the first thing I checked at work or at home.  I was hell-bent to buy the most expensive ticket, the closest seat that my money could buy.  After all, I had money in the bank and my birthday was coming up.  Either my mom would buy it as a gift or I'd buy it for myself.  I decided that this concert will be my birthday gift to myself.

But as the date drew nearer, still no ticket information.  I was so ready to throw my entire paycheck to YG Entertainment, LiveNation, and Ticketmaster.  So ready!  UNTIL... they announce that tickets will go on sale on... NOVEMBER 22.

With all the talk about tickets selling out within hours in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Japan... oh it's on, American VIPs.  It's on!!!

I would love to get a VIP ticket.  For the 2NE1 concert, it meant a sound check pass.  That would be so cool.  But if I can't get/afford that, just as long as I could be there.  If you must know, the concert is on November 3 and TOP's birthday is on November 4.  Whatever happens, it's going to be such a beautiful night!