Work Nuggets

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I complain every time about my job.  How it doesn't pay right; that the bosses are quite horrible people; the hours are entirely too long... the whole thing sounds like a bad idea.  But money's money and I do genuinely like my co-workers.  They are fun and accepting of my weird, geeky side.  In fact, they're kind of geeky as well.  I keep thinking to myself that the only thing that is preventing me from quitting is the people I work with.  I have fun with them and they are good people.

As boring as the day to day grind can be, there are fun (and funny) times as well.  FYI, my job requires me to use eBay so I come across a couple of interesting messages and usernames everyday.  For example:

Really.  This one definitely is free because he/she thought up that username.  A quote.  As a username.  So... what's your eBay user ID? -- Oh, it's freedomisforthosewhothinkforthemselves.  One word.  How interesting is that?

We should be ready for the time when the great leaders of the world grew up on Pokemon.  I would like to think I did too but my knowledge of Pokemon stopped at 151.  Well, I do know who Togepi is so that's 152?

There is no shortage of asshole customers.  But once in a while, you'd get a touching "note to seller" from men in uniform, military families, girlfriend/boyfriend types, and these...

Please package it well, my mother was recently killed in a car crash on the way home from our vacation and this is the perfume she was wearing during our trip & I want my girls & myself to have a supply of this...
Tears. In. My. Eyes.

I hope that item gets to them safely.

Customers make up so much of my opinion about my job.  Some are good, okay... then there are those who are monumentally stupid and annoying.  And no, customers are not always right.  It's true and everyone knows it.