BIGBANG in the Philippines

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This is happening, people!  As we speak, this is happening.

I'm not even in the Philippines right now and I'm still fcking excited!  I'm excited for my VIP friends back home.  OMG... I can't even right now...  It's less than two weeks for my turn but still!  

I wonder what Sandara taught these boys.  I'm pretty sure na benta itong mga 'to sa Pinas dahil kay SandyNakikita-kita ko na yung mga tanong sa pressconDefinitely, meron tungkol kay Sandara.  O kaya magpapaka-baduy sample ng "Sandara wave" o yung "Mahal ko kayo..."  Award lang talaga!

If you don't know, 2NE1's Dara practically grew up in the Philippines and speaks Tagalog fluently.  It's a total disconnect seeing a Korean speak straight Tagalog but I love it.  I love every bit of it.  I knew her before I knew of KPOP so there's my hipster moment.

Also, I'm so glad to see TOP in an instagram.  Hehehe... oh you and your kitty sweater.  Ang saya sana kung pati si Sandy kasama pero sabi nya may "schedule" daw sya eh.  Ang kulit siguro nun noh.  May translator sila bigla.  XD

Tangina... na-eexcite na talaga ako sobra!  Award lang talaga sobra!

Welcome to the Philippines, BIGBANG.  Sana wag silang ma-shock sa init.  Hahaha!