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I was walking around Ralphs this afternoon after work.  As you know, grocery stores are my favorite.  And my Ralphs plays the most random music.  From Ingrid Michaelson to Bon Jovi to The Backstreet Boys to Carly Rae Jepsen.  It plays everything that doesn't have a curse word in it.  That time, Tearin' Up My Heart was playing.  So I was browsing the milk aisle when this girl, around 8-10 years old was putting something in her mom's cart.  And then she went, "What song is playing?  Doesn't sound like Bieber at all so what is it?"

Bieber?  BIEBER?!

You got the wrong Justin, kid.  Gone are the days when you say "Justin" and immediately think "Timberlake".  That kind of pop music is gone too.  I mean, it's not the best but come on... don't tell me you don't know the words to Bye Bye Bye.  ;-)

Another place that plays anything under the sun - curse word or no - is my work place.  Specifically, my co-worker who sits beside my desk.  He's the one I have to blamethank for getting me into KPop.  I heard my first BIGBANG song (after so many years) from his PC.  I realized that f(x) has songs other than that awful La Cha Ta atrocity.  I still don't like SNSD that much but hey, he likes it and I'm mostly okay with their stuff.  Anyway, it was such a slow ass day.  I just could not wait for the day to end.  I was pretty much done by 11:30AM.  A-M.  It's pretty much shooting the shit afterward.  Speaking of which, I still have to think of how to ask for a month off.  Sigh... if only my bosses are easy to reason with.

At least after work, my folks and I went to The Ice House Comedy Club.  As tired and sleepy as I was, I needed that.  I'm not the biggest fan of comedy films but I like stand up comedy a lot.  It was fun.  It was a small crowd but the laughs were there.  But it wasn't the stand up that I enjoyed.  It was the drinks!  Man, that Purple Tea (vodka, rum, raspberry liqueur, sweet & sour, sprite)!  I wanted more of that.  They didn't have raspberry Stoli so I settled for regular vodka and sprite.  So yeah, pretty much all I drank tonight were vodka and sprite.  And yes, a sip of two of my mom's Irish creme coffee.  I still am pretty tippy-tipsy but that's when I'm more talkative.  XD  I'm just concentrating all that harder so that I can type this all out properly.  Hehehe...