Spending Guilt

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I have a chronic case of "Spending Guilt".  It doesn't happen ALL the time but it tends to hit me on my seemingly smaller purchases.  I take a long time which bottled water to buy but I'm an impulse buyer when it comes to boots.  I mull over a large smoothie/soda that I couldn't finish when I could've gotten a smaller size but I have no problems blindly spending more than $50+++ on a show ticket.

This morning, it was over $20 transport fare.  I take the train to and from work.  And every week, I purchase a week's pass and load it up on my TAP card.  That costs $20.  I already loaded up yesterday.  This morning, I thought I lost my card somewhere.  I was already there at the station digging through my huge tote and nothing.  :\  So I went on and bought another TAP card with a week pass.  I transfer trains twice.  After my last transfer... what do you know.  I found my old card.  Now, I have two TAP card with full week's pass.  Oh the stuff I could've gotten with that $20.  ;____;  It ruins my mood whenever I see both of those damn TAP cards together in my bag's pocket.  DX

It was so hot at work today.  What gives, Weather?  It was cool and nice last week.  This week is going to be hot and yucky.  The office felt like a furnace today.  The A/C is busted and the landlord said he was going to fix it yesterday but still nothing.  It's killing me.  Almost literally, mind you.  I get awful heart palpitations in hot situations and they're scary.  Just goes to show how much our "betters" care for their employ.

October is halfway done.  Just speed up, please... I need November now!