Weekend in Pictures

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I always love going to Ontario Mills.  Shopping has never been my thing but outlets are awesome.  So many choices and so many places to go to.  I may not like spending that much but I love window shopping.

Old-ish photo...
Actually, we went to SC Village Paintball Park at Chino, CA first.  Imagine I was wearing that to a paintball "camp"... it's an old photo and I had a different bag, shoes, and sunglasses yesterday but the outfit is pretty much similar.  I was terribly overdressed and out of place.  I mean, I honestly didn't know that we'll be going to that place before the outlet mall.  Heh. 

It was a cool place though.  All that military-themed props and functional costumes that the players have.  They are so into it!  On the way there, we passed by some pastures.  Believe it or not, I've not seen an honest to goodness black and white spotted cow until two years ago on my cross-country roadtrip!  And those pastures that we passed by had so many of them.  :)  Haha, yeah it's the simple pleasures.

So... Ontario Mills.  I scored an awesome pair of MICHAEL Michael Kors Key Largo Aviator sunglasses.  I just had to get them!  I have an irrational weakness for Michael Kors sunglasses so when I see one, I get it no matter how much it is.  I currently have three.  They're fabulous!

Miso ramen

Dinner at Ajisen Ramen is always awesome.  It's one of my favorite places to eat and one of the best ramen houses in my area.  They have awesome smoothies too.  My favorites would have to be the beef ramen and the fried chicken ramen.  With extra egg.  :)


Three words:  THE. WALKING. DEAD.

I missed the gang.  And that deep voice guy, "Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead..."  LOL!  In the wise last words of tonight's episode, HOLY SHIT.

I used to watch a LOT of TV shows.  I usually had three shows lined up per day.  And I would sit in front of my computer downloading and watching shows all day.  But that was before I got a job haha.  Now, I'm lucky if I watch 3 episodes a week.

But there are certain shows that I just have to watch no matter what.  The Walking Dead is one of them.  I mean, it's pretty much a family affair whenever this show is on.  Everyone at work is into it also, just like with A Game of Thrones.  By the way, that's another.  From network primetime, Criminal Minds.  Sorry, CSI.  I still love you but CM has overtaken you on my list.  Even my mom absolutely loves this show.  It's many kinds of amazing.  And my most beloved show that I think more people should watch... Haven.  Man, it's not always good but it is always interesting.  I love the storylines and damn, everything about it!  So watch it.  Just do it.

Fettuccine Alfredo

For dinner, we tried this place out in Old Town Pasadena called Mi Piace.  The place is really posh and "fine dining"-esque.  The food?  Eh.  I'd take Cheesecake Factory pastas any time.  (But when we start talking about Louise's Trattoria... yum!)  I did like the truffles on top.  I liked my mom's plate of carbonara more than my fettuccine. 

That's my weekend.  Noodles, sunglasses, and zombies.