Superhero Shirt Fridays!

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Fridays are marginally better at work.  We get to leave earlier than 5:30PM most days.  It's the weekend so there's an extra incentive to work faster.  And there's this thing that I think only two of us are doing... Superhero Shirt Fridays!  There's this cool guy at work and we kind of got to talking about The Avengers and other comic book heroes as well as other nerd stuff such as The Lord of the Rings and such.

"But... but... you're a girl."  Yeah, I get that a lot.  And I bask in it!  XD

So yeah, he said that every Friday is superhero shirt day.  And it just became a thing.  I think I have 3-4 superhero shirts and a few more random character shirts.  I reserve those for Fridays.  Before this "tradition", I usually am a bit dressier on Fridays because my co-workers and I might go out for dinner after work.  But I can work character shirts lol.

Also at work... sigh.

It is kind of distressing to realize that my boss might not know how to alphabetize.  Yeah, something as simple as that.  I know he can't construct a sentence, let alone a letter worth a damn.  Can't spell all that well either.  How can a letter be "professional" when the author does not know that a spell checker exists?  I mean... *kanyeshrug*

But as awful as some people at work are, they at least helped me pay for stuff.  As overworked and underpaid and mistreated as we are, my meager salary saved up since January bought me my BIGBANG concert tickets - plural - and... *drumroll*


Yes, people.  I'm going home!  Well, at least for a little over three weeks.  I also paid for my mom's ticket but she said she's going to pay me back.  No problem.  That's why people work, right?  To have money to spend. We'll be there from the third week of November until just before my mom's birthday in December.  And I told my mom that I'm all hers after November 3rd.. assuming I was still sane.  ;-)

I still have no idea how to break the news to my boss(es).  How can I convince them that I'll definitely come back?  Well, I'm juggling options but right now, I'm safely on the "I'm coming back" side of the fence.  At this day and age, it's tough to find work.  It feels better to know that I have something to come back to.  Not to mention I like my co-workers.  At the state my bosses are at right now, it's tough to talk sense with them.  They don't trust anybody.  They don't believe people that are not "like them".  Basically, they screw everyone.  I plan to mull over it... give them a month before I fly out.

My bank account is absolutely weeping but my heart is happily crying tears of joy.  I'm waiting for the guilt to take me over the almost $600 I spent for BIGBANG tickets alone (not counting the concert paraphernalia and outfit planning coming up) but it never came.  And I don't think it'll ever come.  One time big time for 2012!  And it's been 3-4 years since the last time I was in the Philippines.  I miss it.  I miss my cousins.  I miss what few friends I had.  I miss my beautiful University (of the Philippines - Diliman).  But most of all, I miss... Chicken McDo.

Looks like I'm going to starve myself until November comes.  Activate "no buy" mode right the hell now!  But no, November cannot come any faster.   No matter how hard I try not to watch BIGBANG Alive Tour fancams from different cities, I get sucked in by their amazing-ness.  I cannot wait to see it for myself.

NOVEMBER, please come now!