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I like it when the dates make interesting patterns.  My favorite so far is 08-08-08 -- the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony and Roger Federer's birthday.  He ended up winning a gold medal in men's tennis doubles with countryman Stanislas Wawrinka.  My birthday also has a pattern: 0917, a Globe Telecom pre-fix number and if you drop the 0, a New York area code. 

This year will be the last of the trio date pattern. 12-12-12. Deym, it's 2012.  I know the year is nearing its end but did any of you even imagine 2012 when you were younger?  I remember being 17 and imagining my 25-year-old self.  I admit, my expectations went a totally different direction than reality.  It's still all good, though.  Can't have everything, right?

Watch THIS. Not the Paul WS Anderson crap.
I said in a previous post that I planned to come back to Reading Good Books, both the blog and actually reading books, in October.  Well, at least that is coming true.  Please feel free to check that little blog if you want for books previews penned by yours truly.  It's nothing major but it's something.  I recently rediscovered my horror book stash and in it are the Resident Evil novels.  Is it normal to include RE in one's childhood memories?  Because it is definitely in mine!  It's one of my favorite video game franchises.  Though I'm not brave or skilled enough to heft the controller, I love watching people play it and help out with the puzzles.  But as much as I love the games, I hate the live action movies.  I beg you, watch the animated movies instead.  Degeneration and Damnation.  You'll get all your Leon S. Kennedy deliciousness from those instead of that Alice person.  Who is Alice anyway?  Is it too hard to do a movie featuring Claire or Jill with their badass costumes?  Cast a capable actress who looks like them and go to town with a movie adaptation of any of the games.

I'm currently watching a Let's Play for RE2 as well as reading the book tie-in series.  I'm done with the first one and am just looking for time to write about it.  I enjoyed it because it closely followed the game.  (I'm looking at you, movie.)  I guess I can be very nitpicky with the things that I absolutely like/love.  It can also go the opposite direction.  I mean, the Silent Hill movie is not even close to perfect but I love it.  The next one that is coming out doesn't look the best but I'm sure I'll love it also even when everyone else hates it.  XD

Anyway, I think I have my October reads covered.  There is a good handful of RE novels and LPs out there.