Burn Out

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I hate these seven-to-seven work days.  Why do we even have to do that?  It's unfair and I don't think it's even legal.  And guess what, we're only given a 30-minute break for lunch.  Go over that and the bosses will be all over your ass.  I don't get how these people think.  They don't pay us properly and they expect us to stay longer hours and do more work.  I mean, not even a minimum wager would agree to the things they make us to do "compensate" the "long weekend".  (That should give you a hint that we are not paid the minimum wage.  Ahem.)

Yesterday was another one of those days.  It was moving day - actually, "pack up the offices and clean the place up" day.  I got there at 6:50am so I could get coffee.  Seven came and became 7:15 and the bosses were still no shows.  My co-workers arrived and still nothing.  We call them up and apparently, my boss lost his keys and will be another 30 minutes.  O__o  I could have used that to catch up on sleep.  Good thing Subway was there to save the day.  Thank you, Sunrise Subway Melt and 7-11 vanilla iced coffee.

And finally... 8:30am became our time-in anyway.  SDKLFGLHGKGKJF; 

The first three hours was spent doing the same old-same old.  Then around 11am, pack up your shit in boxes.  Not just your shit, but the whole damn office as well.  And there were just three of us to do it all.  So yes, it took us until 7pm.  And we left that place half-vacuumed, not even clean.  Around 2pm, I started crashing.  I was completely burned out and my right knee started to shake.  I had to catch my breath more, sit down more, and I became sluggish.  Not a good sign.

Mr. Box is not amused.

Even with the help of I love you, baby I'm not a Monster energy drink, I had no energy left.  My legs were shaking as I walked around the place just so it'll look like I was up to something.  But we did what we could and that was that.

Next day.  We were supposed to go to the new place to set up our computers that we sent out there the day before.  I get up at o'dark hundred, take a bath, and when I sat on my bed to check the weather on my iPad... I crashed again.  Like... I literally felt my body shut down.  My skin felt clammy and started blanching.  My limbs began to shake and my head was pounding so bad.  That's when I decided that I'm not going to work today.  It scared me because that was the first time that I felt that way.  I was perfectly fine one moment and sweating and completely knocked out the next.  I couldn't even stand back up. 

Now that the day is over, I think I made the right decision.  My mom and I went out and I scored this gorgeous red peacoat.  If you're checking my Wish List page, you'll know that it's there.  So glad that I got to cross it out.  I also got some amazing lace up boots over the past weeks.  Two perfect pairs!  I'll do a fashion haul post thing later (I'm not really a Look Book-y person lol).

And oh, speaking of haulage...

Wet n Wild has an awesome BUY ONE GET ONE FREE sale at CVS right now.  It’s until 10/06 so act fast!  All 10 items I purchased cost $18.45 pre-tax making it less than $2 each.  Not a bad stash