Bloodbath Part 2

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I got this reminder in my inbox today:

Ticketmaster, you are tempting the hell out of me.  I am still terribly undecided whether to brave the bloodbath tomorrow or not.  If the first ticket sale was any indication, this one will be a fast and brutal one as well.  But then again, no one expected that turnout the first time around.  This time, we know how it can be.

UN.DE.CI.DED!!!  Should I try for VIP tickets again tomorrow?  I mean, if I don't get VIP again, I'll just skip the November 2 show.  All or nothing.  But what if I do get VIP?  It's a heartbreaker to let go of that ticket.  I already am going to the November 3 show so I admit that going twice is a bit impractical.  Then again, who said fangirls are practical?  XD  I really want the free swag!

There are so many positives and negatives to consider.  The negatives, of course, the money matters.  The VIP ticket is more than $300.  I already paid $230 for my plaza seat.  Am I that crazy to spend almost $600 for a Korean boyband?  The answer to that is still up in the air.  Right now, I'm leaning towards "no" -- but it can change in an instant.  ;-)  Also, I'm a short girl.  A shrimp.  And VIP is standing room, general admission.  I've seen the GA area in the concert clips that I've seen and it's not the best place for a directionally challenged individual.  And how am I supposed to take decent pictures/video with everybody waving their light sticks to my face, above my head?  At least with my plaza ticket, I actually have a seat on an elevated tier.

As for the positives... well, I'm not sure if they'll come back to the US after this.  What if they decide to part ways in the coming years?  I may never see them perform live again.  I live in Los Angeles already.  The Honda Center is more accessible to me than the other fans who are going to travel from out of state just to see them.  I admire their efforts so much.  I don't think I can do that so I feel very fortunate to be living here. 

I would definitely like for those who didn't get tickets the first time around to have their chance.  I'm not going to take that away from them.  I know how happy scoring a ticket made me and I can only imagine what they felt when tickets sold out before they could purchase one.  I truly hope that they can get one (or more lol) on this second date.  But like I said earlier, I'm here already.  If those from out of state can get VIP tickets, why can't I?  I'm local.  LOL.

So yeah.  I think I may have answered my own question.  Bring it!