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That's it!  I took the plunge and charged head first into the 2nd bloodbath.  It was as brutal as the first one, as expected.  For the LA concert, at least.  I got on at 10AM and what do you know, a few seconds after... VIP tickets were all gone.  I tried checking for plazas again and kept getting 209s and then 214s within the first ten minutes of sale.  I admit, I was tempted to move a bit closer in the plaza level but I went for VIP and I didn't get it... on Ticketmaster.

However, as the post title says... I AM VIP!  I managed to score a VIP ticket to the November 2 show! 

bingu dance ~~ ^^,

No thanks to Ticketmaster and their exorbitant service charges!  The main ticket issuer, Powerhouse Live had a number of VIP tickets on sale.  So when people were pushing and shoving at Ticketmaster, I sauntered over to Powerhouse and calmly purchased that coveted VIP ticket.

That's right... no $30 service charge.  Instead, it's $3.79!  And I opted for will call so no extra mailing cost.  And the guy at Powerhouse customer service was nice (and funny) for a change.  I've heard horror stories about their customer service so I was a bit hesitant to call them up.  But he was helpful and patient with me.

I kept telling myself that I'm going to regret this one way or another.  But then again, I watched a Broadway show 25 times, 31 if you count the tour.  I saw The Avengers multiple times at the cinema, even going to the red carpet premiere.  I read both Jane Eyre and Generation Kill at least once every year.  These are the things that I like - that I love; that I'm passionate about... that I obsess over.  Yes, it's a huge expense but it's not like it happens everyday.  (In comparison, I would gladly skip a Green Day concert even though I love them to bits.  I don't think I'll lose sleep over missing shows from US acts.)

So that's that.  Now, I have to plan two outfits!  XD

(Also, notice that nifty little countdown on the bottom of this page?  Yeah.)

PS: As of 5PM PST, there are still tickets for the November 2 show.

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November 5, 2014 at 11:16 AM delete

were you able to get your ticket at the box office on time?