Taken 2

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Remember that one time when I watched a movie with Liam Neeson?  No, I mean... with the man in the same room.  Not just a movie that starred him.  Yeah.  Battleship.  We meet again, good sir.

Taken 2 is the much anticipated sequel to the surprise hit Taken (2008).  If you've seen the first movie, just imagine Kim doing the rescuing.  It's pretty much the same; the kidnappings or "takings" are fueled by revenge.  This time, it's coming from the families of the men that Bryan Mills killed in the first installment.  And instead of Kim, it's Bryan and ex-wife Lenore go are taken.

My knee-jerk reaction to the movie was, "I like it".  But the more I think on it, I like it less and less.  I liked the action and most of the writing.  The acting was good also.  There were some cool stuff thrown in like Mills memorizing the routes even when he's blindfolded.  But in the end, the movie was heavily cliched and choreographed to the last breath.  In fight scenes, Neeson was literally just standing there throwing punches that don't even connect.  And yes, his opponent gets beat up.  As for Mr. Neeson?  Barely a scratch.  Jedi powers, I guess.  Also, Kim... at the start of the film, she failed her driving test three times.  In Instanbul, she drove like an experienced stunt driver.  Mary-sue much?  Anything for the sake of good action, yeah?

But the one thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the main antagonist's reason for taking the Mills.  "You killed my son and now I kill you.  I don't care about what my son did.  You killed him..." as if Bryan Mills had no reason.  I mean... dude... your son kidnapped Kim for human trafficking.  O___o  I just... I'm sorry but I had trouble justifying his reasons for revenge.  "I don't care about what my son did"?  Really.  I guess you guys are quits now.  Your son take my daughter, I kill your son.  I kill your son, you kidnap me.  Whatever.

The line that sold it was when the old bad dude was talking to Lenore about their respective children, she retaliates with, "At least my daughter's still alive," or something like that.  OOOOH BUUURRN!  Verbal slap in the face!

If you guys are planning a Taken 3, please take the dog instead.