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I am in total spazzzzz mode right now.  I don't think I'm capable of posting a coherent post about this subject so bring out the bullets again!  And yes, the spelling of the Philippines in the header is intentional.  ;-)

  • Sandara brought BIGBANG to Tagaytay.  They canceled their press conference so that they can go there, chill, eat at Gerry's Grill, and just enjoy their day off.  They even had San Miguel beer.  G-Dragon posted that picture and then later deleted it.  Hmm, I wonder why... LOL.  Nevertheless, I'm so happy that they managed to take the day off and turn it into a vacation of sorts even if it is just a daytrip.  I remember when my friends and I would go to Tagaytay and just chill.  I wonder if they know about the Mushroom BurgerWala man ako sa Pilipinas, proud ako sobra na na-enjoy nila ang Pinas.
xxxibgdrgn Instagram (deleted pic lol)
  • BIGBANG GALAXY ALIVE TOUR 2012, Philippine leg.  Grabe.  It's more fun in the Philippines talaga.  The Singapore crowd used to be my benchmark of audiences.  Plus, they have the best video.  They still have the best video but the Filipino crowd OWNED.  Ibang levels ang sigawan.  As in wala ka nang naririnig na kumakanta halosLalo na kay TOP.  I watch the "Fantastic Baby" performance from every city and deymmm.... grabe lang talaga yung sa Pinas.  Pati yung ~whoo-hoo~ sabay-sabay pa.  The LA crowd has quite a competition.  Aliw din yung mga ANG GWAPO!!!  OMG!!! na sigawanMay natira pa kayang alive sa audience dun?  HEHEHEHE...

  • LOL watching the #MABUHAYBIGBANG hashtag on Twitter almost made me late for work.  For real  People were like, literally stalking or at the very least, watching the guys - Taeyang, Jiyong, and Daesung - swimming at EDSA Shangri-la.  Oh lol, I can say that I swam in the same pool.  And will again because my mom and I will be staying at the same hotel when we go back to the Philippines.  ^.^  Hehehe, yeah I'm that shallow.  It's the little things in life, right?  And there's the concert business.  So yeah, I was waiting for updates and pictures of the boys that I didn't notice that it was time to go. 

  • What else?  Oh!  Yeah, my mom is now a fan of Fantastic Baby.   I left the reins with her when I left for work and then while I was on the train, the Manila show was going on.  She updated me as juicy stuff happened.  When I got home, she blurted out, "Ang ganda ng MV ng Fantastic Baby!"  Hahaha, who are you and what did you do to my mom?  I should be used to this by now - by her liking the stuff that I like - but this... ah lol, I am impressed.
  • LOL, Sandara did teach the boys "mahal ko kayo".  I expected Seungri to take it and run with it but a different Seunghyun caught on... TOP.  XD  I love it.  I just love it!  I can see myself watching all the Manila show fancams until it's my time to make my own fancam footage.
How I wish I were a part of that crowd.  But then again, if I were there, I might not be able to go.  Sigh.  At least I'm here and I'm going twice.  I'm already watching fancams closely, planning where to stand at VIP.  I think I found the perfect spot.  And there's the matter of getting there.  First come first serve... and for shorter people like me, that can be difficult.

But nevertheless... I'm proud that the boys enjoyed the Philippines and her people.  I can't wait to go back even if it's just for a visit.