Weekend Foodtrip!

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How was your weekend?  Mine was fun.  And delicious.  XD

I had a friend's birthday party to go to on Saturday evening but before that, we went to lunch at Burbank.  There's this strip mall-like place behind all the ugly construction.  I remember eating at another restaurant there before but this time, we ate at Fish Dish.

Charbroiled mahi mahi with garlic butter sauce and slaw
I loved it.  I mean LOVED. IT.  The garlic butter sauce was exceptional.  I took one bite and my mind seemed to explode.  An orgasm in my mouth!  The fish was cooked perfectly.  The brown rice a bit hard but the star of the plate was perfection.  I cannot stop thinking about that garlic butter sauce.  I must have it again.  As usual, I didn't touch the slaw but everything else on that plate disappeared.  Haha, yeah I'm still a picky eater but I love good food.

At my friend's party...

His mom cooks gooood food.  I remember at his party last year, so much good food.  This year was no different but -- deviled eggs.  Man, if I have a "food weakness", it's eggs.  My friend said that it was the first time his mom made deviled eggs.  Geez, it's so good.  I may have had 10 of them lmao.  Hey, it's the weekend.  And it's a party.  What "diet"?  XD  I wanted to take some home but they kind of disappeared through the night haha. 

I helped myself to some Smirnoff and a blasted shot of Jagermeister.  O_O  I never liked that shit much.  My right eye started to swell not too long after but it calmed back down shortly.  I would not touch that stuff again unless I absolutely have to.  I'd stick with my lady drinks, thank you.

Almost all of my co-workers are Filipino like me.  And I'm very lucky in their company.  I admit, I don't really like the general attitude of Filipinos here in the US but these group of people are great.  They are fun and smart and just... good people.  I always have fun in their company and it's good that we remain friends and we can still laugh as heartily as we did even though some of us don't work together anymore.  I'm thankful.  Drinks, food, laughs... that's all we need to have fun.

Sunday found me back at the Ontario Mills mall and my new favorite sandwich place: Stone Oven.  It's located at their food court.  If you need more convincing, sample their focaccia.  It's another one of those flavor bombs that explode in your mouth.

Garlic & Basic Chicken Sandwich with Basil Pasta Salad

This is the second time I've had this dish.  The winner is definitely the focaccia bread.  So soft and just the right saltiness.  The garlic basil sauce is great too.  I wanted to try other stuff but I love this sandwich so much I had to get it again.

For dinner, we decided to try a gourmet hotdog place.  I didn't get a hotdog though.  I got a sort of breakfast burger.  The restaurant's name is Dog Haus.  It's located in Pasadena, CA.  The place has a bar, night out feel.  It's not overly big but it has interesting seats for the elevated booths.  I really liked it there.

Using Hawaiian bread as bun = GENIUS.  Pair that with the sunnyside up egg and patty cooked just right?  LOVE.  I will definitely go back there.  And probably try a hotdog this time.  But hey, I loooove Hawaiian bread.  I can eat a whole pack by myself LOL.

So that's my food-filled weekend.  There are so many places to eat around here, not enough money or time!