Concert Prep 101: The Songs

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As you've probably noticed, I am freaking out over the Los Angeles leg of the BIGBANG Galaxy Alive Tour 2012.  It is 3 and 4 days away, respectively.  November 2 and November 3.  It's literally home streeeetch!  This is it, USA VIPs!

And I'm going to both.  That doesn't only mean that I paid twice.  It also means I have to double prep.  Two outfits, glowsticks enough for two nights, memory space for approximately six hours of show... energy for a full blown BIGBANG weekend!  I just wish I'll still be alive after all of this.  My wallet's been weeping since I got my first ticket.  Moreso after I secured my VIP pass.  And now, all the stuff I had to buy for the concert.  I even made shopping my best friend for a weekend.  Just one more big step and hopefully, I can recover -- financially and overall.  Hee!

I've been to many concerts but never have I prepared like this.  For the 2NE1 concert, I just picked an outfit that I wouldn't normally wear to work, put on more makeup than usual, and came armed with my trusty camera.  No lightsticks, no glowsticks, no banners.  Also, I came alone and pretty much kept to myself.  As usual.

For BIGBANG... I'm going all out.  I skipped on the 2NE1 lightstick, as cute as it is.  But I'll be damned if I miss out on the BIGBANG crown light stick.  That's the main reason why I wanted to go VIP.  XD  And I'm also making friends!  Fellow VIPs, holla!  \m/  I'm hitching a ride with a fellow VIP on the 2nd and meeting up with everyone on site.  I'm actually excited to meet fellow fans.  :D  In person!  LOL, that's an improvement for me.  You need friends in the VIP section for fun and safety.  It's going to get pretty crazy.  And for a short girl like me, I need protection from the taller folk.  And I also need to be in front.  NEEDLOL.

During the 2NE1 concert, I screamed my little lungs out.  I also screamed out "lyrics" -- or what sounds like the lyrics, haha -- together with everyone else.  Apparently, they are called "fanchants".  Heh.  Forgive me, I'm a kpop newbie.  And people actually have charts and printouts and whatnot.  Seriously.  I printed them out at work for "study" and "memorization".  Especially Haru Haru.  But I'd end up probably just butchering the songs anyway.  Hahaha... I'm pretty good with Because I'm A Girl by KISS and Lonely by 2NE1 but because of all the rapping, I can't get a hang of a BIGBANG song.  Tonight, maybe.  But I'm getting there.  I've not met a non-English song that I've not conquered.

And don't forget all the "missions".  I will try to participate but honestly, it's the very least of my problems.  I mean, I'll probably do all the glow stick thing but I'd rather take my camera in hand than a banner that'll probably just get in the way.  As much as I would love a panda banner, a photo of Seungri is much better.  But what I will definitely do is sing happy birthday to TOP.  Man, it is sooooo lucky that the LA shows fall on his birthday weekend.  It's going to be such a beautiful night!  I hope the missions are successful; like I said, I'll try to participate as much as I can.  I'm in touch with a couple of people who are facilitating it but Honda holds close to 10,000 people... I hope they join in.  FIGHTING!

In preparation for the shows, I made a playlist out of the Singapore setlist.  I also watch the Fantastic Baby performances from each city.  As I said previously, Manila takes the cake.  Or maybe I'm just biased lol.  Lately, I'm trying to wean myself from exclusively listening to BIGBANG and kpop in general.  Just this afternoon at work, we were listening to old Japanese anime and sentai opening/closing themes.  Last week, I was listening to my first Asian musical obsession... F4.  And yes, I still know all the Mandarin Chinese lyrics to their songs.  I'm awesome like that.  ;-)  We also listened to good ol' Original Pinoy Music (OPM).  Variety is the spice of life.  But I also look forward to seeing and hearing my favorite BIGBANG songs performed live by the boys themselves.

What I plan for this BIGBANG weekend is to go crazy on Friday and enjoy the productions on Saturday.  Probably document the shit out of the thing during the second show also.  I doubt I can take decent pics and vids on VIP night with all the cray going on there.  But I'll try.  I survived The Avengers premiere, didn't I?

Concert Prep Checklist:
  • fanchant booklet
  • mission cheat sheet
  • set list playlist


  • Bias symbols. (I want a panda one.  Yes, if I had to choose just one... I am Seungri biased lol.)
  • "Fighting" crown. (I was at Walmart the other day and saw some yellow foam. I was tempted to make a crown but it'll just be in the way.)
  • Fantastic Baby glowstick ocean.  (Turn off the crown lightstick.  Wave around different colors of glow sticks instead.  Easy enough.)
  • Love Song heart hands.  (Even better, I have a heart-shaped glow stick.)
  • Bad Boy = blue; Good Girl = green.  (Alternating glowsticks... too complicated if you ask me but whatevs.  I'm in.)
  • Singing Haru Haru.  (Well, all shows do this anyway.)
  • Fanchants.
  • Happy Birthday, TOP in Korean.  (Study, study... study!)
  • Happy Birthday, TOP in English.  (FUCK. YES.)
  • Mini birthday banners.  (I'm content in capturing the moment on film.)
  • LA fanchants.
  • TOP encore chants.
  • Glow in the dark star for Monster.  (See my comment for the crowns.)
  • Fantastic Baby glowstick ocean.
  • Project Blue

Up next: concert paraphernalia.